National NALSA Moot Court Call for Judges!!!! [UPDATED]

Volunteer to judge the Competition! Sign up here!

The National NALSA Moot Court Competition is an annual event held by the Native American Law Students Association. On February 25 & 26, 2011, the Competition will be held at Columbia Law School. Teams from law schools across the country will head to New York City to compete against each other. The Competition also provides an opportunity for law students interested in Federal Indian and Tribal law to meet each other and practitioners, and to enjoy New York City.

The Competition begins with the release of the Problem, written each year by a leading scholar in Federal Indian and Tribal Law, in the fall. Team registrations were due Dec. 6, with the late registration deadline Dec. 18. Based off of the Problem, teams of two write an appellate-level brief on behalf of one of the parties in the suit. The Briefs are due in mid-January. At Competition, teams compete against each other in oral argument rounds, arguing for both parties over several rounds. Awards are given out for Best Briefs, Best Oral Advocates, and Best Advocates. For more information, please see the Moot Court Rules.

For more information about Columbia Law School’s NALSA Chapter, please visit our website. For information about how Columbia runs their Moot Court program, please read this pdf.

One thought on “National NALSA Moot Court Call for Judges!!!! [UPDATED]

  1. Izetta Chambers February 3, 2011 / 7:52 pm

    I would be interested in participating, but will be in Anchorage during that time. Perhaps next year? Thanks for putting this out there – I just love Turtle Talk! Also, I know that as a past NALSA member it is hard to keep track of past members, but it would really help the cause to keep tabs on those who have gone on to earn paying jobs (hint, hint: potential NALSA donors).

    Thank you for posting this.

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