State Supreme Court Outcomes: New York and Florida

We’re not statisticians, so these tiny numbers of cases are going to generate wide discrepancies.

In New York, tribal interests have an 88 percent success rate.

In Florida, tribal interests have a 50 percent success rate.

Here are the New York cases:

Cayuga Indian Nation v. Gould (2010) — W

Spota ex rel. Unkechauge Indian Nation v. Jackson (2008) — W

Dalton v. Pataki (2005) — W

Saratoga Chamber of Commerce v. Pataki (2003) — L

New York Assn. of Convenience Stores v. Urbach (1998) — W

Ransom v. St. Regis Mohawk Educ. & Community Fund (1995) — W

Milhelm Attea v. Dept. of Finance and Taxation (1993) — W

Herzog Bros. v. State Tax Commission (1987) — W

7 wins, 1 loss

Here are the mere two Florida cases:

Fla. House of Representatives v. Crist (2008) — L

Houghtaling v. Seminole Tribe (1993) — W

1 win, 1 loss