State Supreme Court Outcomes: Nevada

Here is Nevada.

In Nevada, tribal interests prevail in 33 percent of cases.

Here are the cases:

Pyramid Lake Paiute v. Ricco (2010) — L

Parental Rights as to S.R. (2009, unpublished) — L

Parental Rights as to N.J. (2009) — L

Thomas v. Fourth Judicial District (2008, unpublished) — W

Petition of Phillip A.C. (2006) — L

In re: Humboldt River Stream System (2002) — W

South Fork Band v. Sixth Judicial District (2000) — L

Whiterock v. State (1996) — L

Snooks v. Ninth Judicial District (1996) — W

3 wins, 6 losses

2 thoughts on “State Supreme Court Outcomes: Nevada

  1. Scott Seaborne June 22, 2011 / 1:05 pm

    While your project to show won/loss ratios for Indian law cases is interesting, I don’t understand what if any point all of this makes. Are you trying to show some sort of legal bias against American Indians or tribes?
    I don’t see how anyone could draw any conclusion from such a simple analysis.

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