The UND Fighting Sioux “Heritage”

The Grand Forks Herald reports (h/t Pechanga) that the North Dakota legislature voted to repeal the law requiring the University of North Dakota to maintain the “Fighting Sioux” name and logo.

Some legislators were sad, though:

Sen. Dick Dever, R-Bismarck, told his colleagues that he had lain awake the night before, thinking about the Fighting Sioux nickname issue.

It’s frustrating, he said, after listening to many Sioux Indians — North Dakotans — say they look at the nickname with pride “and don’t think it’s hostile and abusive.”

“We need to let this go,” Dever said, “but we need to keep that heritage alive, and I know they will.”

Heritage, eh? Here is a taste of the heritage of the Fighting Sioux name and logo:

1. Sammy Sioux from the 1960s.


2. More “Heritage” of the Name and Logo

3. “Heritage” from other schools.

4. UND Student Respect for American Indian Students.

5. And finally UND fan heritage. Go Blue!