Press Release from Wisconsin Judicare on their Indian Estate Planning Caravan

Wisconsin Judicare recently concluded its second annual Indian Wills Caravan.  This innovative program was developed by Judicare’s Indian Law Office (ILO) and a group of law students at Columbia University School of Law.  The students, for the second year running, devoted their Spring Break to coming to Wisconsin the week of March 12th to travel from one Indian reservation to another drafting wills for Native Americans.  Supervised by an ILO attorney, the students this year drafted 157 wills addressing land fractionation and tribal jurisdictional issues, providing advice on intervivos transfers, and completed 195 Advance Directives.

The Indian Wills Caravan is very popular and is providing these legal services to Indian people in numbers far exceeding what Judicare can do on staff.  This program would not be possible without the assistance of the Columbia Public Interest Law Foundation and support from the Law Firm of Godfrey and Kahn which is based in Milwaukee.

Contact:               David Armstrong, Attorney

Wisconsin Judicare

Wausau, Wisconsin