A Resurgance of the Stanford “Indian” Mascot

By Adrienne K., here.


To us this post echos the recent decision by EMU to reinstate their mascot. It shows the pernicious after-effects (40 YEARS after Stanford changed their mascot, this is the result) of Indian mascots. This is the kind of thing that leads to the backwards changes in official mascot decisions.

One thought on “A Resurgance of the Stanford “Indian” Mascot

  1. vance gillette October 10, 2012 / 5:21 pm

    Now. you know how the Indians or tribal members in north dakota feel
    [over mascots that portray indians as sub-human or cartoon characters].

    Two years ago, the all white state legislature arrogantly approved the UND F’g (fighting sioux) name by state law. After NCAA put the boots to UND over the Englestad area, the all white state legislators then voted to RESCIND the state law. Note: l Indian state senator from T. Mt. Chippewa because they get on the ball and vote in tribal member. Rolette County,
    Norht Dakota.

    UND Sioux name – and cartoons. It’s been a hot topic across the state for 2-3 years now. My impression as a ‘native’ is that racial attitudes remain the same or unchanged: sterotypes of Indians as not as worth while as white persons. Change taking place slowly and ordinary folks just toil away and make a livijng like anyoine else.

    I hope the IVY League Stanford graduates – who are real Indians or tribal
    members – get on the ball and raise hell over the name.
    Degrading one in California .. degrades others elsewhere.

    In the l970’s AIM would be called in to make a big Scene.
    Today, we have Facebook etc. and the issue is worth raising.

    Finally, those indian students who attended schools at Grand Forks,
    ND (college high school) were subject to many racists comments these
    past years. Whoever wants to work on the issue should check with
    the UND Indian student association, who are always active.

    vance gillette indian attorney in New Town, ND
    “Non Stanford Grad” [Univ of Denver law grad]

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