Why Football is Bad … Sorry Commentary from Lansing State Journal about Stanford’s Football Team

Sparty’s playing Stanford today in the Rose Bowl. I don’t care who wins (GO BLUE!), especially since Stanford’s NALSA has invited Wenona and I to campus a couple times. I know it’ll be a good game, a throwback game, with lots of defense and running up the middle and all that good stuff. At least one of the Michigan teams beat friggin’ Ohio.

Still, I thought the commentary below was worth posting, if only for shaming the local newspaper for a ridiculous headline — “Stanford no longer finding intelligence a hindrance”. Wow. Nice work Lansing State Journal.

Stanford Intelligence

A Resurgance of the Stanford “Indian” Mascot

By Adrienne K., here.


To us this post echos the recent decision by EMU to reinstate their mascot. It shows the pernicious after-effects (40 YEARS after Stanford changed their mascot, this is the result) of Indian mascots. This is the kind of thing that leads to the backwards changes in official mascot decisions.