Comanche Nation v. CDST Gaming I, LLC, Tribal Jurisdiction

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This Court is asked to determine whether, or not, the 2011 Tribal Court Ordinance of the Comanche Nation confers jurisdiction on the Court of Indian Offenses to hear the case entitled Comanche Nation vs. CDST-Ga~ing I, LLC. The case was filed in 2008, and has been the subject ofan Order by the United States District Court for the Westem District ofOklahoma (Judge Stephen P. Friot) wherein Judge Friot found that the Court oflndian Offenses should determine whether, or not, jurisdiction was appropriate witli the Court of Indian Offenses pursuant to the Ordinance adopted on April2, 2011 , by the Comanche Business Committee entitled Comanche Nation Tribal Court Civil Jurisdiction Ordinance of 2011, Resolution No. 36-11 which was approved by the
Bureau of Indian Affairs by a letter dated June 1O, 2011.