“Alaska, We Have a Rape Problem”


An excerpt:

Alaska, we have a rape problem. Apparently that’s acceptable to most of us or we’d be storming the castle for change.

My blood pressure is still in the stratosphere after reading a recent fundraising letter from our governor. As part of his pitch for money, Sean Parnell listed his “accomplishments.” Most of them were your garden-variety political credit-snatching and posturing, but one had me apopletic.

“… Our Choose Respect initiative has freed Alaskans from domestic violence and sexual assault.”

I’ll wait while you re-read that sentence. …

As the cliche goes, “I may have been born in the morning but not this morning.”

I’m tempted to take off on a name-calling tear, but let’s look at the facts instead.

Alaska was recently rated as the third most violent of the 50 states. (The FBI apparently didn’t get Parnell’s letter, so it continues to work with these things called “crime statistics,” a practice I would recommend to the governor’s office.)