Press Release on “Spirit Lake Child Welfare Improvement Project”

Here is “Tribal, National, and State Leaders Convene to Develop Strategy for Improving Spirit Lake Child Protection — Director of Bureau of Indian Affairs, representatives from North Dakota’s elected leaders, and others join Spirit Lake Chairman in new initiative to improve child welfare services.”

One thought on “Press Release on “Spirit Lake Child Welfare Improvement Project”

  1. Evelyn Roanhorse July 10, 2014 / 1:27 pm

    The strategy should exclude hands on political intervention from beginning to end on any child welfare matters, and the supervisor must not only be knowledgeable via both education and experience to manage any aspect of the child welfare welfare program. And of course, the staff too must be well trained, experienced, and not afraid to speak to tribal members on child welfare issues, whether they are elected leaders or clients. Resource for removed children and those who remain in the home must be partners with both the Child Welfare staff, and parents. The supervisor and staff must be passionate about their work and pay a lot of attention to details, and document all work and follow-ups . Child Protection Teams and background checks mandated by policy and laws must be part of every case management efforts. The Tribe should have updated tribal codes to reflect current laws on family and children, and not be afraid to refer appropriate matters to law enforcement and other agencies. Law Enforcement should always accompany child protective service investigators when there is signs of any criminal doings and law enforcement must investigate the alleged crime immediately. Places where I have seen child protection work best (as a former Regional Social Worker for two BIA regions) is where the child protection investigators duties/responsibilities are separated from the ongoing social service staff. This way you do not have the staff that removed the child also become the service provider.

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