National NALSA Resume Book Announcement

Last day to send in resumes

Here (PDF):

Dear NNALSA Membership,

Today we are proud to announce the return of the NNALSA Resume Book!!!
Potential employers throughout Indian country will have access to this resume book.
Take this opportunity to catch the eye of a future employer in tribal or non-tribal
government, private firms or non-profits from various areas of the country.

All resumes will be due no later than September 15, 2014. Please submit your
completed resume in PDF format to Resumes must be no
longer than one page. The resume book will then be sent out to all participating
prospective employers, who will then follow up for individual interviews on their own

You must pay your annual dues for us to include your resume. Additionally, all
resumes will be screened, and any deemed inappropriate for submission (spelling and
grammatical errors, etc.) will be returned for edits.

Lastly, if you receive or accept any offers resulting from the resume book, please let
us know! We’d love to celebrate your success with you, and sharing that information
with us will help the Board in planning for next year’s career activities for our

Enjoy the last part of your summer, and we look forward to another productive year
with you!