NNALSA Website Login Information

For Immediate Release
September 22, 2014
Alex Kitson, NNALSA Public Relations Director

NNALSA Website Now Allows Members and Employers to Create a Private Login

As part of our redesign, the National NALSA website now allows members and employers to create a private login.  This easy to use feature will allow National NALSA to connect and share information with students, alumni, and employers. However, since there has been a rise in hacker attacks to our website you can only create a login after you receive an invitation code.

Once NNALSA members pay their membership dues they will be sent an email with an invitation code to create a login. The login will be used to share information regarding the 2015 NNALSA Writing and Moot Court Competitions.

Employers interested in creating a login should email Aarik Robertson for the invitation code atnnalsa.liaison@gmail.com. Employers will be able to use their login to post job openings and download the NNALSA Resume Book when it becomes available.

To create your login after you receive the invitation code, visit the National NALSA website athttp://www.nationalnalsa.org and click Register in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


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