Who Won Indian Law and Policy 2014? First Round Bracket — 6 of 8

Second part of the third category, people and parties.

# 2 Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Everyone’s favorite Supreme Court Justice. Wrote scholarly and compelling concurrence in the Bay Mills matter. Wrote amazing dissent in the affirmative action case.


# 15 McAllen Grace Brethren Church

Won Fifth Circuit case, along with Lipan Apache members, which held that the Eagle Act regs might violate RFRA.

# 7 Hon. William Canby

Just published the sixth edition of his legendary Nutshell. He’s legendary too.


# 10 Frank Pommersheim

Professor, lawyer, tribal judge, poet. Posted all of his tribal court opinions online, an absolutely incredible resource. Still stirring things up in South Dakota.

# 3 Hon. Keith Harper

Confirmed as Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council. Went right after violence against Indigenous women and girls.


# 14 Chris Deschene

An amazing year, so far unsuccessfully challenging the Diné language requirement to run for tribal office at Navajo.

# 6 Robert A. Williams, Jr.

Probably should get his own category that we could parse out through the years, but this year was on Moyers. Force of nature.

# 11 Dean Stacy Leeds and Prof. Angelique EagleWoman

Yeah, time passes quicker than I thought. Turns out their great book, “Mastering American Indian Law,” was a 2013 masterpiece. Ok.

The real # 11 — Authors of “Structuring Sovereignty”

My favorite book of 2014, Structuring Sovereignty is a wonderful scholarly survey of modern tribal constitutions. Melissa Tatum, Miriam Jorgensen, Mary Guss, and Sarah Deer (a second appearance in the game).