NYU Law Review Seeking Submissions from Indian Law Scholars

A message from NYU Law Review editor Raymond Fadel…

NYU Law Review is seeking submissions from Indian law scholars.

  1. Online Series on Dollar General.

Our Online Department has voted to publish an online feature series spotlighting the Dollar General case, and its legal and policy implications. Amongst other things, we are currently looking for pieces that discuss the case itself, its legal background and importance, and its implications for Indian and non-Indian country alike—particularly Indigenous women’s issues and its insights into women’s issues in general.

To facilitate timely debate, we plan on publishing the spotlight series shortly after the Dollar General case is decided. We encourage you to submit your Essays and Comments within two weeks after the Supreme Court’s decision, but of course, you are welcome to send your pieces for consideration as soon as you have them.

Online submissions have a maximum word limit of 10,000 words and may be submitted directly to our Senior Online Editor, Agne Jomantaite, at aj785@nyu.edu or via Scholastica. More information on our submission policy can be found on our website, www.nyulawreview.org.

  1. Print Articles.

As always, our Articles Department is seeking submissions covering diverse subject-matters, especially including general issues in Indian law that would be accessible to a generalist audience. Article submissions must have a minimum of 10,000 words and be submitted on Scholastica. In addition to submission on Scholastica, you may also forward any submission directly to our Senior Articles Editor, Tyler Domino, at tjd266@nyu.edu. The Department is accepting unsolicited articles through the end of March, 2016.