Goldwater Litigation on the Constitutionality of ICWA Dismissed Without Prejudice

This is the attempted class action litigation claiming ICWA violated the Constitution.This is a big win for ICWA and the legal advocates who worked on this case at the state, federal, and tribal levels.

Here is the Order.

The legal questions Plaintiffs wish to adjudicate here in advance of injury to themselves will be automatically remediable for anyone actually injured. The very allegations of wrongfulness are that such injuries will arise in state court child custody proceedings, directly in the court processes or in actions taken by state officers under the control and direction of judges in those proceedings. Any true injury to any child or interested adult can be addressed in the state court proceeding itself, based on actual facts before the court, not on hypothetical concerns. If any Plaintiffs encounter future real harm in their own proceedings, the judge in their own case can discern the rules of decision. They do not have standing to have this Court pre-adjudicate for state court judges how to rule on facts that may arise and that may be governed by statutes or guidelines that this Court may think invalid.

Here is the joint press release from the ICWA Defense Project.

One thought on “Goldwater Litigation on the Constitutionality of ICWA Dismissed Without Prejudice

  1. Regina Cuellar March 17, 2017 / 5:31 pm

    A big win for our Native Community and our tribal children and families !!

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