USDA Pulls Environmental Impact Statement on Oak Flat/Resolution Copper Mine [updated with CA9 Order Denying Stay Pending Appeal]

Here is the press release from Rep. Raúl Grijalva on the matter. Gizmodo coverage here.

And the briefs in Apache Stronghold v. United States (9th Cir.):

Emergency Motion

Federal Opposition

Religious Groups Amicus Brief

Religious Liberty Scholars Amicus Brief

Tribal Amicus Brief

Lower court materials here.


CA9 Order Denying Stay

Briefing in Attempt to Enjoin Copper Mining Project at Chi’chil Biłdagoteel [Oak Flat]

Here are the materials in Apache Stronghold v. United States (D. Ariz.):

1 Complaint

7 Motion for TRO

18 US Response

23 Reply in Support of 7

50 US Closing Brief

51 Apache Stronghold Closing Brief

56 Amicus Brief

Update in Jensen v. EXC, Inc. [bus accident on Navajo lands]

Here are the materials in Jensen v. EXC Inc. (D. Ariz.):

71 Amended Complaint

116 Jensen MSJ

119 Response

121 Reply

126 DCT Order Denying MSJ

181 EXC Pre-Trial Brief

200 Verdict

220 Jensen Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law

221 Response

222 Reply

223 DCT Order Denying 220

And here are the Ninth Circuit briefs (so far):

Opening Brief

Answer Brief

Prior posts on this case are here.

Ninth Circuit Grants Expedited Review of Arizona Native Voting Rights Case after District Court Rejects Injunction

Here are the materials in Yazzie v. Hobbs (D. Ariz.):

48 Arizona Motion to Dismiss

61 Opposition

62 DCT Order

Here are the briefs so far in the Ninth Circuit:

Yazzie Opening Brief

League of Women Voters Amicus

Arizona Answer Brief


Prior post here.

Trump and Republicans Denied Intervention into Navajo Nation Citizens’ Voting Rights Suit in Arizona

Here are the materials in Yazzie v. Hobbs (D. Ariz.):

1 Complaint

9 Emergency Motion for PI

12 Trump Motion to Intervene

22 State Response to 12

32 Plaintiffs Response to 12

38 Reply in Support of 12

45 DCt Order Denying Intervention

Ak-Chin Indian Community Water Rights Claim to Proceed

Here are the materials so far in Ak-Chin Indian Community v. Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation & Drainage District (D. Ariz.):

2020-05-08 – Dkt 011 – Maricopa-Stanfield_s Motion to Dismiss

2020-05-08 – Dkt 012 – Central Arizona Irrigation Motion to Dismiss

2020-05-29 – Dkt 017 – Plt_s Consolidated Response in Opposition to Defs_ Motions to Dismiss

2020-06-15 – Dkt 021 – Reply ISO Maricopa-Stanfield Irr & Drainage District_s Motion to Dismiss

2020-06-15 – Dkt 022 – CA Irr & Drainage District_s Reply ISO Motion to Dismiss


The complaint is here.