California Federal Court Dismisses Final Two Defendants in Acres Bonusing v. Ramsey (formerly Marston)

Here are the materials in Acres Bonusing Inc. v. Ramsey (N.D. Cal.):

90 First Amended Complaint

96 Motion to Dismiss

101 Opposition

102 Reply

105 DCT Order

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From DALL-E, an abstract painting of a judge slapping someone with a fish. Yeah, sure, it could be that.

Ninth Circuit Rejects Tribal Immunity under Bankruptcy Act

Here is the unpublished order in Numa Corp. v. Diven, formerly Cedarville Rancheria v. Diven.

Briefs here.

Another weird one from DALL-E: A showdown between Indians and lawyers before the Supreme Court.

Ninth Circuit Reverses Dismissal of San Carlos Apache Health Care Contract Support Costs Suit

Here is the opinion in San Carlos Apache Tribe v. Beccera.

An excerpt:

A simplified example clarifies this scheme. Assume that a tribe administers a $3 million healthcare program for its members. It costs the tribe $500,000 in administrative costs to do so. IHS therefore will pay the tribe $3.5 million. Additionally, the tribe recovers $1 million for those procedures from outside insurers. It is statutorily required to spend that $1 million on health care as well.
But there is a hole in this statutory scheme. Who pays the CSC for that additional $1 million in health care that the tribe must provide with its third-party revenue? At the heart of this lawsuit is Plaintiff-Appellant San Carlos Apache Tribe’s (“the Tribe”) contention that IHS must cover those additional CSC.

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This guy’s not Apache but he’s happy for them.

SCTOUS Grants United States and Arizona Petitions in Navajo Water Case

Here was yesterday’s order.

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Thinking if SCOTUS had some good frybread, they’d let Indian country have the nice things we deserve, like an enforceable duty of protection.

Ninth Circuit Rejects Challenge to Tribal Wind Farm

Here is the unpublished opinion in Backcountry Against Dumps v. Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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Ninth Circuit Materials in Backcountry Against Dumps v. Bureau of Indian Affairs [Campo Band Wind Energy Project]


Lower court materials here.

Slockish v. Dept. of Transportation Cert Petition


Question presented:

Whether the Ninth Circuit’s mootness ruling warrants summary reversal where the panel clearly misapprehended governing law on mootness and on the authority of federal courts to order equitable relief affecting nonparties.

Lower court materials here.