Ninth Circuit Briefs in Northwestern Band of Shoshone Indians v. State of Idaho

Topside briefs here:

Response briefs TK.

Lower court materials here.

Little Soldier

Ninth Circuit Briefs in Cedarville Rancheria v. Diven [tribal immunity under Bankruptcy Act]

Well, opening brief for now, here:

Other briefs TK.

Lower court materials here.

Possibly, though not likely, the home at issue.

SCOTUS Denies Cert in 1 Indian Law Case

Here is today’s order list.

The denied petition is Acres Bonusing Inc. v. Marston — cert stage briefs here:

Acres Bonusing Cert Petition



Lower court materials here.

Ninth Circuit Orders En Banc Review in Brice v. Plain Green LLC

Here are the materials:

Brice Rehearing Petition 11.1 final

Amicus Brief Supporting Petition



CA9 Order Granting En Banc Review

Panel materials here.

California Federal Court Dismisses Remaining Defendants in Acres Bonusing v. Marston

Here are the materials in Acres Bonusing Inc. v. Marston (N.D. Cal.):

78-1 Boutin Jones Motion to Dismiss

79 Janssen Malloy Motion to Dismiss

80-1 Rapport Motion to Dismiss

82 Response

83 Boutin Jones Reply

84 Janssen Malloy Reply

85 Rapport Reply

Prior post here.

States’ Cert Petition in Navajo Nation Water Rights Case

Here is the petition in Arizona v. Navajo Nation:

Questions presented:

I. Does the Ninth Circuit Opinion, allowing the Nation to proceed with a claim to enjoin the Secretary to develop a plan to meet the Nation’s water needs and *ii manage the mainstream of the LBCR so as not to interfere with that plan, infringe upon this Court’s retained and exclusive jurisdiction over the allocation of water from the LBCR mainstream in Arizona v. California?

II. Can the Nation state a cognizable claim for breach of trust consistent with this Court’s holding in Jicarilla based solely on unquantified implied rights to water under the Winters Doctrine?

Lower court materials here.