Another Update in Fort Sill Apache Dispute with NIGC

Here are the new, new materials in Fort Sill Apache Tribe v. National Indian Gaming Commission (D.D.C.):

115-1 Fort Sill MSJ

118 NIGC Response

122 Fort Sill Reply

[NIGC Reply TK]

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Ninth Circuit Briefs in Good Faith Negotiations Claim involving Pauma Band

Here are the briefs (so far) in Pauma Band of Luiseno Mission Indians of the Pauma & Yuima Reservation v. State of California:



Lower court materials here.

Summary Judgment Pleadings in Pinoleville Pomo Nation Gaming Dispute

Here are the materials in JW Gaming Development LLC v. James (N.D. Cal.):

129 Tribal Motion for Summary J

136 JW Gaming Cross Motion

146 Tribal Reply

147 JW Gaming Reply

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Federal Court Rejects Seneca Challenge to Arbitrators’ Decision

Here are the materials in Seneca Nation of Indians v. State of New York (W.D. N.Y.):





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Sault Tribe Sues for Order Affirming Sovereign Immunity from Suit by Former Investment Consultant

Here are the materials in Sault Ste. Marie of Chippewa Indians v. Cross (E.D. Mich.):

1 Complaint

1-1 Exhibit List

1-2 Cross Complaint

And here are the materials in the underlying suit that gave rise to this complaint, Cross v. Kewadin Casinos Gaming Authority (E.D. Mich.):

1 Notice of Removal

2 Motion to Dismiss

2-1 Memo in Support

5 DCT Order to Show Cause

6 Kewadin Response

9 Cross Response

12 Kewdin Reply

13 Cross Surreply

14 Kewdin Supplemental Brief

Alabama-Coushatta Tribe Cert Petition in Gaming Matter

Here is the petition in Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas v. Texas:


Questions presented:

Whether IGRA authorizes gaming on tribal lands previously governed by trust statutes that prohibited gaming, as the National Indian Gaming Commission, the Department of the Interior, and the First Circuit have concluded, or not, as the Fifth Circuit has held.

Lower court materials here.

Additional Amended Final Judgments in Aquinnah Wampanoag Gaming Case

Here are the additional materials in Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) (D. Mass.):

201 Amended Final Judgment

205 State Motion to Amend

207 Tribe Motion to Stay Judgment

208 Opposition to 205

215 Second Amended Judgment

217 Opposition to 207

218 DCT Order Denying 207

221 Tribe Motion to Amend

227 State Response

230 Third Amended Judgment

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