Seminole Gaming Compact Set Aside

Here are the orders (they are the same) in West Flagler Associates Ltd. v. Haaland (D.D.C.):

43 DCT Order

And in Monterra MF v. Haaland (D.D.C.):

55 DCT Order

Briefs in both cases here.

D.C. Federal Court Dismisses Ute Tribe’s Water Rights Suit, Transfer Some Claims to Utah Federal Court

Here are the materials in Ute Indian Tribe v. Dept. of the Interior (D.D.C.):

57 Second Amended Complaint

67 State Motion to Dismiss

68 US Motion to Dismiss

69 US Motion to Transfer

70-1 Water District Motion to District

75 Tribe Opposition to 69

77 US Reply in Support of 69

80 Tribe Opposition to 70

81 Tribe Opposition to 68

82 Tribe Opposition to 67

89 Water District Reply in Support of 70

90 State Reply in Support of 67

91 US Reply in Support of 69

114 DCT Order

Federal Suit(s) Filed against Seminole Gaming Compact [updated]

Here are relevant materials in West Flagler Associates Ltd. v. Haaland (D.D.C.):

1 Complaint

1-1 Seminole Compact

1-6 Interior Letter

Updates (10/14/21, 10/19/21, 10/21/21, 11/23/21)

13 Seminole Motion

19 WF Motion for Summary J

22 WF Opposition to 13

24 Seminole Reply in Support of 13

25 Federal Motion to Dismiss

28 Florida Amicus Brief

31 WF Opposition to Motion to Transfer

41 Interior Response

43 DCT Order

Here are materials in West Flagler Associates Ltd. v. DeSantis (N.D. Fla.):

1 Complaint

18 First Amended Complaint

21 Seminole Motion to Intervene and Dismiss

22 Desantis Motion to Dismiss

26 WF Response to 20

27 WF Response to 22

33 Desantis Reply in Support of 20

34 WF Motion for Summary J

Update (10/19/2021):

Here are materials in Monterra MF v. Haaland (D.D.C.):

1 Complaint

31 Seminole Motion to Intervene

35 Federal Motion to Dismiss

36 Federal Motion to Transfer

37-4 Monterra MSJ

53 Interior Response

Federal Court Dismisses Kickapoo Member’s Challenge to Federally Approved Wind Energy Project

Here are the materials in Mattwaoshshe v. United States (D.D.C.):

1 Complaint

36-1 US Motion to Dismiss

38-1 Soldier Creek Wind Motion to Dismiss

39-1 Nextera Energy Motion to Dismiss

40-1 Westar Energy Motion to Dismiss

44 Opposition

48 Soldier Creek Opposition

49 Nextera Reply

50 Westar Reply

51 US Reply

60 DCT Order

Not that it would matter much in this issue, but I can’t help but point out of the more anomalously interpreted Indian law statutes of all time is briefly discussed in this opinion. Here is the law, 25 U.S.C. sec. 175:

In all States and Territories where there are reservations or allotted Indians the United States attorney shall represent them in all suits at law and in equity.

Seems pretty clear, eh? No chance. 🙂 Yet another example of the word “shall” being interpreted as the exact opposite of its meaning. . . .

Catawba Nation Prevails against Cherokee Nations in Trust Land Matter

Here is the opinion in Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians v. Dept. of the Interior (D.D.C.):

77 DCT Order

Briefs here.

Cross-Motions for Summary Judgment Motions in Native Village of Eklutna Bingo Case

Here are the briefs in Native Village of Eklutna v. Dept. of Interior (D.D.C.):

51-1 Eklutna Motion for Summary J

54 Federal Opposition

58 Alaska Response

61 Reply

64 Federal Reply

65 State Reply

Complaint posted here.

Federal Court Denies Injunction on Enbridge Line 3, Too

Here are the materials in Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians v. United States Army Corps of Engineers (D.D.C.):

28 Enbridge Opposition

29 Army Corps Opposition

33 Reply

42 DCT Order

Prior post here.