Split Tenth Circuit Holds I.H.S. Owes Zhoonya to Northern Arapaho Tribe

Here is the opinion in Northern Arapaho Tribe v. Beccera.


Opening Brief

Tribal Amicus Brief

Federal Answer Brief


Lower court materials here.

According to DALL-E, a “hospital on top of a mountain.”

Montana Federal Court Dismisses RICO Suit against Crow Nation Nursing Home, For Now

Here are the new materials in Wilhite v. Littlelight (D. Mont.):

59 Motion to Dismiss

73 Response

76 Reply

77 Magistrate Report

78 DCT Order Adopting Magistrate Report

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Seventh Circuit Briefs in Mestek v. Lac Courte Oreilles Community Health Center [sovereign immunity]


Lower court materials here.

Ninth Circuit Reverses Dismissal of San Carlos Apache Health Care Contract Support Costs Suit

Here is the opinion in San Carlos Apache Tribe v. Beccera.

An excerpt:

A simplified example clarifies this scheme. Assume that a tribe administers a $3 million healthcare program for its members. It costs the tribe $500,000 in administrative costs to do so. IHS therefore will pay the tribe $3.5 million. Additionally, the tribe recovers $1 million for those procedures from outside insurers. It is statutorily required to spend that $1 million on health care as well.
But there is a hole in this statutory scheme. Who pays the CSC for that additional $1 million in health care that the tribe must provide with its third-party revenue? At the heart of this lawsuit is Plaintiff-Appellant San Carlos Apache Tribe’s (“the Tribe”) contention that IHS must cover those additional CSC.

Briefs here.

This guy’s not Apache but he’s happy for them.

Ninth Circuit Orders Chickasaw Nation to Arbitration with Pharmacy Benefits Manager

Here is the opinion in Caremark LLC v. Chickasaw Nation.


Lower court materials here.

Alaska Federal Court Rules in Favor of Southcentral Foundation in Dispute with Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

Here is the final order in Southcentral Foundation v. Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (D. Alaska):

Prior post here. Long running case, so case tag here.

Arizona State Court Dismisses Employment Suit against Navajo Sage Memorial Hospital

Here are the materials in El-Meligi v. Navajo Health Foundation — Sage Memorial Hospital, Inc. (Ariz. Super.):

Wisconsin Federal Court Enjoins Red Cliff Ojibwe Tribal Court Proceeding against Opioid Company

Here are the materials in McKinsey & Company v. Boyd (W.D. Wis.):

1 Complaint

1-2 Tribal Court Complaint

5 Motion for Preliminary Injunction

26 Response