Trickster 10th Anniversary Edition Releases May 3, 2021

This 10th Anniversary Edition includes a new trickster tale (by Fletcher) and storytelling guides.

Available from Chicago Review Press here. Also ask for it at your local independent bookstore. My faves are Birchbark Books, Schuler Books, Horizon Books, and Brilliant Books.

MSU Alum Bryan Newland to Lead Indian Affairs in DOI

Here is the White House statement.

Bryan Newland, Nominee for Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs, Department of Interior

Bryan Newland is a citizen of Bay Mills Indian Community (Ojibwe), and was born and raised on the Bay Mills Reservation on the southern shore of Lake Superior.  He recently completed his tenure as the elected President of Bay Mills Indian Community, where he previously served as Chief Judge of the Bay Mills Indian Community Tribal Court.  From 2009 to 2012, Newland served as a Counselor and Policy Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of the Interior – Indian Affairs under President Obama.

Newland is a graduate of the Michigan State University College of Law, with a certificate from the Indigenous Law and Policy Center.  He also received his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University.  He is married to Erica Newland, and they have two children – Graydon and Meredith.

Federal Court Dismisses Gaming Developer’s Contract Breach Claim Arising from Failed Lansing Casino Proposal

Here are the materials in JLLJ Development LLC v. Kewadin Casinos Gaming Authority (W.D. Mich.):

21 Reply

32 DCT Order re Subject Matter Jurisdiction

34 JLLJ Brief re Subject Matter Jurisdiction

35 Kewadin Casinos Brief re Subject Matter Jurisdiction

39 DCT Order

Prior post with earlier briefs here.

Federal Court Dismisses Sault Tribe Member’s Claim to Tax Immunities

Here are the materials in Hall v. Whitmer (E.D. Mich.):

1 Pro Se Complaint

13 Tribe Motion to Dismiss

15 Response

19 Reply

20 State Motion for Summary Judgment

23 Response

24 Reply

27 Magistrate Report re 13

28 Magistrate Report re 20

28 Magistrate Report

32 DCT Order

33 Amended DCT Order