Klamath Tribes Effort to Force Bureau of Reclamation to Not Kill Endangered Species Fails

Here are the materials in Klamath Tribes v. United States Bureau of Reclamation (D. Or.):

1 Complaint

2 Motion for TRO

7 Motion for PI

25 BOR Response

47 Tribe Supplemental Brief

48 BOR Supplemental Brief

53 DCT Order

Kyle Whyte on Time, Kinship, and Climate Change

Kyle Whyte has posted “Time and Kinship” on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

Climate change is often discussed in terms of linear units of time. This essay covers the meaning of linear time and its implications for how climate change is narrated. There are concerns about how narrating climate change in this way can eclipse issues of justice in the energy transition. There are of course different ways of telling time. This essay provides a narration of climate change inspired by particular Indigenous scholars and writers. These conceptions of time narrate time through kinship, not linearity. One implication is that issues of justice are inseparable from the experience of climate change.

Ksanka Kupaqa Xaʾⱡȼin Prevails in Rock Creek Mine Challenge

Here are the materials in Ksanka Kupaqa Xaʾⱡȼin v. United States Fish and Wildlife Service (D. Mont.):

99 Amended Complaint

108 Ksanka Kupaqa Xa’lcin MSJ

110 Intervenor MSJ

114 Federal MSJ

117 Ksanka Kupaqa Xa’lcin Reply

120 Intervenor Reply

121 Federal Reply

131 DCT Order