Briefs on Federal Motion to Dismiss in Bears Ears Litigation

Here are the materials in Hopi Tribe v. Trump (D. D.C.):

48 DCT Order Denying Transfer Motion

49-1 Federal Motion to Dismiss

50 Intervenors Motion to Dismiss

61 TWS Brief

63 GSCE Brief

71 UDB Brief

72 NRDC Brief

74 Tribal Response

74-1 Exhibits

75-1 Law Profs Brief

82-1 Members of Congress Amicus Brief

87-1 Local Elected Officials Amicus Brief

89 States Amicus Brief in Opposition to MTD

91-1 Archeological Orgs Amicus Brief

93 NCAI AAIA Bears Ears Amicus Brief

94-2 Outdoor Alliance Brief

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Federal Court Refuses to Quash Depositions of Ute Tribal Council Members over Funding of Lawsuit against Duschene Couty Police

Here are the materials in Wopsock v. Dalton (D. Utah):

130 Motion to Quash

136 Wopsock Brief

137 Response

139 Reply

171 DCT Order

Tribal Opposition to Trump Administration’s Motion to Change Venue in Bears Ears Matter to Utah

Here is the pleading in Hopi Tribe v. Trump (D.D.C.):

Doc. 26 Plaintiffs’ Opposition to Federal Defendants’ Motion to Transfer 2018-02-01

The motion is here.

Administration Moves for Transfer to Utah in Bears Ears

Here is the motion in Hopi Tribe et al v. Donald J. Trump et al, 17-cv-02590 (D.D.C.):

21 – Federal Defendants’ Motion to Transfer Case to the District of Utah

Link: Case Archive

Five Tribes Complaint against Trump over Bears Ears

Here is the complaint in Hopi Tribe et al. v. Trump (D.D.C.):

Doc. 1 Complaint

Update on the parallel suit involving Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument: Wilderness Society v. Trump is here

Hackford v. Utah Cert Petition (Ute Reservation Boundaries)


Hackford v Utah Cert Petition

Questions presented:

1. Whether the Acts of Congress, authorizing the President to set apart and reserve any reservoir site or other lands necessary to conserve and protect the water supply for the Indians or for general agricultural development, diminished the Uintah and Ouray Reservation.

2. Whether as used in 18 U.S.C. § 1151(a), the term “Indian Country” includes the National Forest land, and the right of way running through the National Forest lands where the alleged criminal conduct occurred, for purpose of federal criminal jurisdiction.

Lower court materials here.

Federal Court Dismisses Dispute over Nonmember Property Boundary Line Dispute on Ute Reservation

Here are the materials in Austin v. Dietz (D. Utah):

12 Motion to Dismiss

12-2 Motion to Dismiss First Tribal Court Suit

12-3 Motion to Dismiss Second Tribal Court Suit

12-4 Tribal Court Panel Decision

13 Response

15 Reply

28 DCT Order


Tenth Circuit Rejects Challenge to State Criminal Jurisdiction on Strawberry Valley Project Area of Ute Reservation

Here is the opinion in Hackford v. State of Utah.