Tenth Circuit Holds Feds Prevailed in FTCA Matter Involving S. Ute Police Action

Here is the unpublished opinion in Martinez v. United States.


Federal Answer Brief

Federal Supp. Brief re Discretionary Function

Opening Brief

Appellant Supp. Brief re Discrectionary Function


Federal Court Dismisses Suit against Flandreau Tribal Police Officers, FTCA Suit to Proceed

Here are the materials in Ten Eyck v. United States (D.S.D.):

1 Complaint

9 Tribal Police Motion to Dismiss

17 Opposition

18 Reply

21 DCT Order

22 Plaintiffs’ Response to 21

23 Tribal Police Response to 21

26 DCT Order

Federal Court Dismisses Miss. Choctaw from FTCA Claim, Claim against US Proceeds

Here are the materials in Chipmon v. United States (S.D. Miss.):

42 MBCI Motion to Dismiss

43 Memo in Support

42-1 MBCI v Peebles Opinion

42-2 Sharp v MBCI Opinion

50 DCT Order

Prior post here.

Federal Court Dismisses FTCA/Section 1983 Claim against Feds for Actions of Fort Peck Tribal Court

Here are the materials in Leachman v. United States (D. Mont.):

Federal Court Allows FTCA Claim Arising under 638 Contract to Proceed [Mississippi Choctaw]

Here are the materials in Chipmon v. United States (S.D. Miss.):








Federal Court Denies Nooksack Police Chief’s Motion for FTCA Certification

Here are the materials in Tageant v. Ashby (W.D. Wash.):

21-0. 9-4-19 Declaration of Deborah Alexander

22-0 9-4-19 Second Declaration of Gabriel S. Galanda

23 9-5-19 Minute Order Denying Defendant Michael Ashby’s Motion to Certify Employment

24 9-5-19 Verbatim Report of Proceedings – Motion for Employment Certification

Prior post on this case here. The case was removed from state court, and now remanded back to Whatcom County Superior Court.

Federal Court Allows Former Tribal Health Employee’s Suit to Proceed against Feds

Here are the materials in Goss v. United States (D. Ariz.):

1 Complaint

17 Tribal Motion to Dismiss

21 US Motion to Dismiss

28 Response to 21

29 Response to 17

32 US Reply

33 Tribal Reply

34 DCT Order