South Dakota Federal Court Holds Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act Does Not Apply to Indian Tribes

Here are the materials in Nygaard v. Taylor (D.S.D.):

Federal Court Allows Fraud Suit Against Individuals Involved in Wakpamni Lake Community Corp. TED Bonds Frauds; RICO Claims Dismissed

Here are the materials so far in Indian Land Capital Company LLC v. Infrastructure Development Cooperative LCA (D.S.D.):

13 Amended Complaint

16 Motion to Dismiss

19 Response

21 Reply

Powwow Park, Batesland, SD

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Early Materials in Grocery Store Challenge to Oglala Tribal Court Jurisdiction

Here are the materials so far in Kyle Grocery Inc. v. Short Horn (D.S.D.):

1 Complaint

1-2 Tribal Court Complaint

1-3 Oglala Trial Court Opinion

1-4 Oglala SCT Opinion

4 Motion for PI

8 Motion to Dismiss Abourezk

10 Motion to Dismiss

NOT the Kyle Grocery store. . . .
Opens at 7:30.

South Dakota Federal Court Dismisses ICRA Claims (again) against Oglala Tribal

Here are the materials in Stanko v. Oglala Sioux Tribal Public Safety Division (D.S.D.):

1 Complaint

7-2 Tribal Exclusion Order

8 Motion for PI

8-1 Tribal Bench Warrant

11 DCT Order

Prior suit here.

Wassaja, Aug. 1976