Amusement of the Day (concl.): BIA Phoenix Area Enrollment Manual

And today we conclude with a few leftover illustrations (I particularly like the one that illustrates Indian lawyering). Hope you enjoyed the previous posts here and here.

Amusement of the Day (cont.) — 1977 BIA Phoenix Area Office Enrollment Manual Illustrations

Yesterday, we covered tribal constitutions. Today, the political and bureaucratic complexity of enrollment decisions in cartoon form (we will conclude tomorrow):

Amusement of the Day — 1977 BIA Phoenix Area Office Enrollment Manual Illustrations

Apparently, in 1977 or so, the Phoenix Area Office decided to write a lengthy manual for tribal governments, instructing them on how to make enrollment decisions that met tribal constitutional muster. Suffice it to say the text is TL:DR, but the illustrations are awesome — and by awesome, I mean crazy — and by crazy, I mean Indian country crazy.

Tomorrow, how tribal governments make membership decisions….

Ninth Circuit Confirms Interior’s Denial of Federal Recognition for Ukiah Valley Pomo Indian Tribe

Here are the materials in Allen v. United States:

Unpublished Opinion




Federal Court Partially Dismisses Oglala Sioux Tribal Member’s Grazing Suit against Feds

Here are the materials in Temple v. Roberts (previously Temple v. Her Many Horses (D.S.D.):










Prior post here.

Federal Court Dismisses as Moot Lumbee Member Challenge to BIA Indian Preference Interpretation

Here are the materials in Nakai v. Zinke (D.D.C.):

1 Complaint

8 Answer

13 Motion to Dismiss as Moot

13-2 M-37040 Opinion

14 Response

19 Reply

24 DCT Order