Nevada Federal Court Declines to Enjoin Winnemucca Housing Eviction Action

Here are updated materials in Brown v. Haaland (D. Nev.):

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Oglala Sioux Tribe Demands Immediate Funding for Law Enforcement

Here are updated materials in Oglala Sioux Tribe v. United States (D.S.D.):

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Nevada Federal Court Partially Dismisses Housing Suit against Winnemucca Indian Colony and BIA

Here are the materials so far in Brown v. Haaland (D. Nev.):

The Nevada Independent

6 Complaint

29 Motion to Amend Complaint

41 Tribe Motion to Dismiss

44 Response to 41

45 Reply in Support of 41

47 US Motion to Dismiss

50 Response to 47

53 Reply in Support of 47

63 First Amended Complaint

Wisconsin Federal Court Dismisses Dispute between Neighbors at Stockbridge-Munsee

Here are the materials in Hawk v. Burr (E.D. Wis.):

North Dakota Federal Court Dismisses FTCA Claim arising from BIA Road Maintenance Negligence under “Discretionary Function Exception”

Federal (and tribal) discretion at work.

Here are the materials in Mound v. United States (D.N.D.):

1 Complaint

9 Federal Motion to Dismiss

19 Response

23 Reply

32 US Post Hearing Brief

33 Mound Post Hearing Brief