Turtle Talk Poll — The Enduring Legacy/Aftermath of Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez

Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez is patently one of the two or three most important and perhaps controversial Supreme Court decisions affecting Indian nations and Indian people. In light of Steve Russell’s four part ICT series, we wonder what Turtle Talk readers think about Martinez.

As we think of them, we may add a question or two.

Update – here’s one!


MSU 5th Annual Conference — Call for Papers: Deadline Feb. 1, 2008


5th Annual MSU Indigenous Law Conference

October 10-11, 2008 @ MSU Law College

Forty Years of the Indian Civil Rights Act – History, Tribal Law, and Modern Challenges

The Indian Civil Rights Act will be 40 years old in 2008 – and Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez will be 30. We have decided to dedicate our 5th annual conference to the Act and to Martinez. Confirmed speakers already include Catharine MacKinnon, Gloria Valencia-Weber, Carole Goldberg, Duane Champagne, Stacy Leeds, Kristen Carpenter, Angela Riley, and others.

Our vision for this year’s conference is to solicit papers that cover a specific provision in the Indian Civil Rights Act, e.g., free speech, freedom of religion, due process, equal protection, and so on. We want academics, practitioners, tribal judges, tribal leaders – anyone that has something important to say about this very important statute. We will collect the best of these papers into an edited collection for publication with a major university press, co-edited by Kristen A. Carpenter, Matthew L.M. Fletcher, and Angela R. Riley.

The authors of the paper abstracts selected will present their papers at the conference at MSU law college. We anticipate that there will be commentators for each paper.

Please send a title and a short abstract, with contact information, to matthew.fletcher@law.msu.edu by the deadline or call (517) 432-6909 with questions.

Deadline for Proposals – February 1, 2008