Ksanka Kupaqa Xaʾⱡȼin Prevails in Rock Creek Mine Challenge

Here are the materials in Ksanka Kupaqa Xaʾⱡȼin v. United States Fish and Wildlife Service (D. Mont.):

99 Amended Complaint

108 Ksanka Kupaqa Xa’lcin MSJ

110 Intervenor MSJ

114 Federal MSJ

117 Ksanka Kupaqa Xa’lcin Reply

120 Intervenor Reply

121 Federal Reply

131 DCT Order

Montana Federal District Court Holds Crow Tribe Has Jurisdiction Over Electric Co-op

Previous post on this litigation here.

Federal Court Rejects Tribal Challenge to Keystone XL Pipeline Permit, Asks for More Briefing on Constitutional Questions

Here are the updated materials in the case now captioned Rosebud Sioux Tribe v. Trump (D. Mont.):

93 DCT Order with Questions

95 TransCanada Response to DCT Questions

97 TransCanada MSJ

101 US Response to DCT Questions

109 US MSJ

111 Response to 97

114 Plaintiffs MSJ

120 Plaintiffs Motion for PI

126 TransCanada Response to 120

127 US Response to 120

131 Plaintiffs Motion for TRO

134 TransCanada Response to 114

136 Reply in Support of 97

137 Plaintiffs Response to 109

139 US Response to 114

141 TransCanada Response to 131

142 Plaintiffs Reply in Support of 120

143 US Response to 131

144 Plaintiffs Reply in Support of 114

145 US Reply in Support of 109

150 Plaintiffs Reply in Support of 131

167 DCT Order

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Federal Court Dismisses Suit by Former Crow Tribal Judges

Here are the materials in Not Afraid v. United States (D. Mont.):

4 Amended Complaint

4-6 Judicial Ethics Board Decision

14 US Motion to Dismiss

19 Tribe Motion to Dismiss

20 Response to 14

22 Response to 19

23 US Reply

25 Tribe Reply

26 Magistrate Report

31 DCT Order

Federal Magistrate Recommends in Favor of Tribal Jurisdiction over Utility Co-op

Here are the new materials in Big Horn County Elec. Coop. v. Big Man (D. Mont.):

99 Big Horn Response to Big Man MSJ

100 Big Man Response to Big Horn MSJ

102 Tribal Response to Big Horn MSJ

104 Big Horn Reply

105 Big Man Reply

106 Tribal Reply

129 Magistrate Report

Prior post with additional briefing here.


133 Objections

135 Big Man Response

136 Tribe Response

Ninth Circuit Decides Crow Indian Tribe v. United States [Grizzly Bear Delisting]

Here is the opinion. The court affirmed the district court’s order to remand the decision back to Fish and Wildlife Service.

Here are the briefs.

Fort Peck Tribe Sues Interior over Keystone XL Pipeline

Here is the complaint in Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation v. Dept. of the Interior (D. Mont.):

1 Complaint