Montana Federal Court Dismisses RICO Suit against Crow Nation Nursing Home, For Now

Here are the new materials in Wilhite v. Littlelight (D. Mont.):

59 Motion to Dismiss

73 Response

76 Reply

77 Magistrate Report

78 DCT Order Adopting Magistrate Report

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Montana Federal Court Dismisses Wrongful Death Action, Ordering Exhaustion in Fort Belknap Tribal Court

Here are the materials in Grant v. Norton (D. Mont.):

Montana Federal Court Dismisses Native Inmates’ Suit over Jail Conditions that Allegedly Violate Hellsgate Treaty Because 11th Amendment Makes State Officials Immune (which a textualist would know says nothing like that whatsoever)

Here are the materials in Black Crow v. Lake County Jail, recaptioned In re Conditions at Lake County Jail (D. Mont.):

Montana Federal Court Will Decide Whether Nonmember Lease at Blackfeet Was Cancelled, Rejecting Nonmember Ploy to Declare Bankruptcy to Avoid a Judgment

Here are the materials in Eagle Bear Inc. v. Blackfeet Indian Nation (D. Mont.):

51 Eagle Bear 2d Motion for Injunction

54 Blackfeet Opposition

57 Eagle Bear Motion to Vacate

59 Blackfeet Opposition to Motion to Vacate

65 Blackfeet Brief on Automatic Stay Issue

66 Eagle Bear Brief on Automatic Stay Issue

85 Blackfeet Notice re BIA Filing

85-3 US Motion to Dismiss

87 DCT Order

CA9 Order Granting Bankruptcy Stay

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Ninth Circuit briefs here.

Montana Federal Court Dismisses Contract Claim over Sale of C-Store on Trust Land at Blackfeet [interpretation of 28 U.S.C. § 1353]

Here are the materials in Kumar v. Schildt (D. Mont.):

1 Complaint

13 Motion to Dismiss

16 Response

17 Reply

24 DCt Order

Luckily for all parties, the tribal court appears to be across the street from the store.

Montana Federal Court Allows Tribal Members’ Race Discrimination Complaint against Telephone Coop to Proceed

Here are the materials in Barnes v. 3 River Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (D. Mont.):