Federal Court Rejects Walker River Irrigation District Equitable Defenses to Winters Rights

Here are the materials in United States v. Walker River Irrigation District (D. Nev.):

2606 Joint Federal Tribal Motion

2619 Response

2622 Reply

2626 DCT Order

SCOTUS Remands Four Okla. Criminal Cases, Grants Cert in Financial Services Cases Involving Tribal Businesses

Here is today’s order list.

The Court granted review in AMG Capital Management LLC v. Federal Trade Commission. Here is the Ninth Circuit’s opinion in FTC v. AMG Capital Management LLC. District court materials here.

Ninth Circuit Decides Winnemucca Indian Colony v. United States [leadership dispute]

Here is the unpublished opinion in Winnemucca Indian Colony v. United States.

Briefs here.

Ninth Circuit Briefs in Winnemucca Indian Colony v. United States [leadership dispute]


Opening Brief

Appellee Brief


Oral argument:

Lower court materials here.

Federal Court Dismisses Suit against Duck Valley Tribe for Failure to Exhaust

Here are the materials in Magee v. Shoshone Paiute Tribes of the Duck Valley Reservation (D. Nev.):

1 Complaint

10 Motion to Dismiss

10-1 Tribal Court Record

16 Response

25 Reply

26 Surreply

28 Objection to Surreply

40 DCT Order

Habeas Petition of State Prisoner Convicted of Crime against Fallon Paiute- Shoshone Tribe Allowed to Proceed

Here are the materials in Berry v. Baca (D. Nev.):

Federal Court Orders Exhaustion of Tribal Remedies in Yerington Paiute Mine Torts Case

Here are the materials in BP America v. Yerington Paiute Tribe (D. Nev.):

37 Amended Complaint

38 Amended Motion for PI

41 Tribal Judge MTD

42 Tribal Judge Response to 38

51 Tribe MTD

52 Tribe Response to 38

53-1 Tribal Court MTD

54 Tribal Court Reponse to 38

59 Plaintiffs Consolidated Response

61 Reply in Support of 38

62 Reply in Support of 41

63 Tribal Court Reply in Support of 53

64 Tribe Reply in Support of 51

78 DCT Order Dismissing 37

80 Plaintiff Motion to Amend Judgment

82 Tribal Judge Response to 80

85 Tribe Response to 80

88 Reply in Support of 80

91 DCT Order

Prior post here.

Federal Court Dismisses Challenge to Duckwater Shoshone Tribe Election

Here are the materials in Thompson v. United States (D. Nev.):

6 Complaint

10 Tribal Defendants MTD

13 Amended Tribal MTD

20 DCT Order Dismissing US

26 Motion for Reconsideration

28 DCT Order

Federal Court Grants Comity to Winnemucca Tribal Court Rulings in Leadership Dispute

Here are the materials in  (D. Nev.):

277 Status Report

277-1 Tribal Court Order of Dismissal

277-2 Nevada Itertribal COA Opinion

277-3 Tribal COA Denial of Motion for Reconsideration

277-4 Tribal Order of Dismissal after Remand

277-5 Misc. Tribal Court Orders

277-6 Election Docs

292 US Response

303 DCT Order