Federal Court Dismisses ICRA Habeas Petition Challenging Enhanced Sentence under TLOA

Here are the materials in Picard v. Colville Tribal Correction Facility (E.D. Wash.):

1 Habeas Petition

15 Answer

15-5 Colville Appellate Court Opinion

21 DCT Order

Update in Adams v. Dodge [Nooksack Habeas Matter] — Updated

Here are the new materials in Adams v. Dodge (W.D. Wash.), formerly Adams v. Elfo:

45 Magistrate R&R on 2d Habeas Petition

46 Petitioner Objections

48 Supplement to Petitioner’s Objections to Magistrate’s Second Report and Recommendation

51 Tribe Response

52 Tribal Court Response

54 DCt Order Adopting Magistrate R&R

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56 Motion for Reconsideration

60 Response

62 DCT Order

Tenth Circuit Briefs in Chegup v. Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation [banishment]


3-24-20 Appellants’ Opening Brief

5-22-20 Appellees’ Brief

6-5-20 Appellants’ Reply Brief

Lower court materials here.

Update in Adams v. Elfo [Nooksack Habeas Matter]

Here are the new materials in Adams v. Elfo (W.D. Wash.):

35 Magistrate Report

36 Objections

38 Tribe Response to Objections

39 Tribal Court Response to Objections

40 Reply

43 DCT Order

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Federal Court Materials in Ute Banishment Case

Here are the materials so far in Chegup v. Ute Indian Tribal Court of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation (D. Utah):












Materials in Pacheco v. Geisen [Kewa Pueblo; ICRA Habeas]

Here are the materials in Pacheco v. Geisen (D.N.M.):

1 Habeas Petition

15 Amended Petition

20 answer

22 Petitioner’s Response

25 Reply

28 Petitioner’s Surreply

30 Magistrate Order on 20

31 Order to Show Cause

34 Petitioner’s Response to 31

45 Order to Show Cause

47 Magistrate Report

48 DCT Order

Update in ICRA Habeas Matter Involving Kewa Pueblo

Here are the materials in Coriz v. Rodriguez (D.N.M.):

51 Motion to Dismiss

54 Response

58 Reply

63 Motion to Supplement

65 DCT Order Substituting Defendant

67 Response

68 Magistrate Report re 51 and 63

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