Federal Court Remands Peoria Tribe’s Legal Malpractice Claims to State Court

Here are the materials in Peoria Tribe v. Campbell (N.D. Okla.):

2 Notice of Removal

2-1 Complaint

24 Peoria Tribe Motion to Remand

31 Doerner Sanders Opposition

32 Campbell Opposition

36 Reply

40 DCT Order

Materials in Modoc Nation Suit against Former Business Partner, Softek

Here are the materials (so far) in Modoc Nation v. Shah (N.D. Okla.):

29 Amended Complaint

75 Motion to Dismiss Complaint

77 Motion to Dismiss Counterclaims

82 Second Amended Counterclaims

93 Counterclaim Defendants MSJ

97 Response to 93

100 Response to 77

102 Tribe Response to 75

Federal Court Holds Interior May Not Take Land into Trust for Gaming Purposes for Keetoowah

Here is the opinion in Cherokee Nation v. Bernhardt (N.D. Okla.):

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Federal Prisoner’s Effort to Invoke Murphy v. Royal Decision Fails

Here are the materials in United States v. Springer (N.D. Okla.):

301 Motion for Relief

302 Motion to Order US Response

303 US Response

305 Reply


306 DCT Order



Federal Court Accepts Cherokee Nation’s Voluntary Dismissal of Tribal Court Opioid Case

Here are the materials in McKesson Corp. v. Hembree (N.D. Okla.):

139 Hembree Motion to Dismiss

141 Opposition

145 Reply

146 DCT Order

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Kalyn Free Sues Muscogee AG and Tribal Court over Jurisdiction

Here is the complaint in Free v. Dellinger (N.D. Okla.):

2 Complaint

UPDATE (5/14/2018):

3 Motion for Preliminary Injunction

9 Tribe Motion to Dismiss

14 Tribal Court Motion to Dismiss

15 Tribal Court Opposition

20 Free Response to 14