Stacy Leeds on the Policing Impacts of McGirt

From Slate, here is “What the Landmark Supreme Court Decision Means for Policing Indigenous Oklahoma: For Indigenous people, cries of ‘law and order’ have always contained a loaded message.”

Also in Slate, Mark Joseph Stern’s “Why Gorsuch Keeps Joining the Liberals to Affirm Tribal Rights.

Kirsten Carlson Commentary on McGirt v. Oklahoma

Here is “Supreme Court upholds American Indian treaty promises, orders Oklahoma to follow federal law,” in The Conversation.

Other commentaries —

Bob Miller on VOA.

Ronald Mann on SCOTUSblog.

Ian Millhiser on VOX.

NYTs: “Supreme Court Rules Nearly Half of Oklahoma Is Indian Reservation”

A wildly overblown headline, but here you go anyway.

Here’s another one, from CNBC: “Supreme Court says eastern half of Oklahoma is Native American land.

And WSJ: “American Indian Lands Include Eastern Oklahoma, Supreme Court Rules.”

And NPR gets in on the action: “Supreme Court Rules That About Half Of Oklahoma Is Native American Land.”

SCOTUS Holds Creek Reservation is Indian Country

Here is the opinion:

McGirt Opinion

Briefs here.

In a separate order, the Court affirmed Sharp v. Murphy:

Murphy Order

NAICJA Webiner – McGirt v. Oklahoma Supreme Court Oral Arguments: An analysis of the History, Law, and Arguments of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Reservation Case

McGirt Flier v2

Date & Time: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 from 12:30 pm-2:00 PM MST (90) minutes.

Webinar Narrative: The United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments on May 11, 2020 in McGirt v. Oklahoma, case #18-9526 (by telephone) involving the status of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation reservation. Last year, the Court heard arguments on a nearly identical case in the Murphy matter. This decision could have enormous impact for Indian law, positive or negative. Come join us for a FREE webinar to hear tribal perspective as to the surrounding Muscogee cultural history, the jurisprudence of Indian lands in Oklahoma and thoughts and analysis of the oral arguments from the Muscogee Nation’s Supreme Court amicus brief advocate Riyaz Kanji.

Register Here:


Rebecca Nagle Repudiating Oklahoma’s Factual Claims in McGirt/Murphy

Here is “Oklahoma’s Suspect Argument in Front of the Supreme Court — The state claims that affirming a reservation in eastern Oklahoma could lead to thousands of state criminal convictions being thrown out. But that argument doesn’t seem to be based on facts” from the Atlantic.

The briefs are here.