News Coverage of Indian Law Issues (8/17/21) [More McGirt today]

Reuters: “Paul, Weiss inked $700K contract with Oklahoma to undo tribal rights ruling

Forbes: “Native Tribes And State Tax And Regulatory Authority: The Waters Remain Murky”

AZ Central: “Indigenous people find legal, cultural barriers to protect sacred spaces off tribal lands”

Axios: “Native American population jumps to largest size in modern history

Texas Observer: “Texas Draws Criticism With Plan to Lure Tourists to Sites Where Indigenous People Were Banished”

News Coverage of Indian Law Issues [McGirt, etc.]

NYTs: “Tribes’ Victory in Oklahoma at Risk in Bold Request to the Supreme Court

The Conversation: “The disturbing history of how conservatorships were used to exploit, swindle Native Americans”

CapTimes: “Q&A: UW Law student Michael Williams aims to help tribes with pursuit of law

New Republic: “Oklahoma Wants a Supreme Court Do-Over on Tribal Sovereignty

E&E News Greenwire: “How a big Alaska fishing case hooked a solicitor nominee”

Oklahoma v. Bosse Cert Petition


Questions presented:

1. Whether a State may impose procedural or equitable bars to postconviction relief on the claim that the State lacked prosecutorial authority because the crime of conviction occurred in Indian country.

2. Whether a State has authority to prosecute non-Indians who commit crimes against Indians in Indian country.

3. Whether McGirt v. Oklahoma, 140 S. Ct. 2452 (2020), should be overruled.

Lower court materials here.

Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Rules McGirt Not Retroactive

Here are the materials in State ex rel. Matloff v. Wallace:

OCCA Opinion

Oklahoma Brief

Oklahoma AG Amicus Brief

Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Amicus Brief

Principal Tribal Amicus Brief

Tribal Amicus Brief

Federal Defenders Amicus Brief