Cherokee Nation Hosting Families Are Sacred Conference


April 18-20

The “Families Are Sacred Summit” will bring together tribal nations along with federal, state, and local law enforcement, prosecutors and service providers to share best practices on delivering safe and effective services for survivors of domestic violence and their families. We hope the ideas shared will increase successful prosecutions, and reduce crime across all tribal reservations.
Tribal governments, as well as federal, state, and local entities have all been impacted by changes to our legal and law enforcement systems following the McGirt decision by the United States Supreme Court. Now more than ever, it is critically important that we all work together for increased safety across Native lands.

Oklahoma Federal Court [with New Mexico Judge] Dismisses Cherokee Citizens Claims against Oklahoma on State Court Exhaustion Grounds

Here are the materials in Pickup v. District Court of Nowata County (N.D. Okla.):

18 Counties Motion to Dismiss

24 District Attorneys Motion to Dismiss

27 Towns Motion to Dismiss

70 Clerks Motion to Dismiss

71 Clerk Edwards Motion to Dismiss

72 Clerk Newberry Motion to Dismiss

75 Opposition to 18

76 Opposition to 24

77 Opposition to 27

78 Opposition to 70

79 Opposition to 71

80 Opposition to 72

84 Reply in Support of 18

85 Reply in Support of 24

86 Reply in Support of 27

87 Owasso Motion to Dismiss

88 Reply in Support of 70

89 Reply in Support of 71

90 Reply in Support of 72

94 Opposition to 87

95 Reply in Support of 87

143 Tribes Motion to File Amicus Brief

143-1 Amicus Brief

170 DCT Order

Complaint here.

Prof. Fort on Morning Edition and Additional Brackeen Coverage

Morning Edition

“ICWA doesn’t prevent an individualized assessment of the best placement for each child,” says Kathryn Fort, director of the Indian Law Clinic at Michigan State University. State courts do this type of assessment “every day,” she says, adding, “I personally don’t know a state court judge who would be comfortable being told that they weren’t allowed to do an individualized assessment.”

But for an Indian child, Fort says, that individualized assessment includes consideration of the child’s relationship with her relatives, her language, her religion, and her tribal tradition.

“A child isn’t separate from her tribe,” she adds. “That child is sacred to that tribe.”


WaPo (check out Fred Urbina’s picture!)



The Guardian

Traverse City Record Eagle

Oral arguments in the case are tomorrow (11/9) at 10am. Live audio can be streamed here.

Tribal Defendants/Intervenors Brief in Haaland v. Brackeen

Merits brief on behalf of the intervening tribes–Cherokee Nation, Oneida Nation, Quinault Indian Nation, Morongo Band of Mission Indians, Navajo Nation–in the Haaland v. Brackeen Supreme Court case.


Pace yourself–she’s a long one.

Federal Claims Court Dismisses Takings Claim Brought by Neighbor to Cherokee Casino

Here are the materials in Berry v. United States (Fed. Cl.):

SCOTUSBlog Recap of Castro-Huerta Oral Argument

Here is “With historical promises in mind, justices weigh state criminal jurisdiction in Indian country.”

Previews of the case are here.

Background materials are here.

Preview of Tomorrow’s Argument in Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta

Background materials on the case here.

SCOTUSBlog preview (by Fletcher): “In sequel to McGirt, justices will again review scope of state prosecutorial power in Indian country

Atlantic (by Rebecca Nagle and Allison Herrera): “Where Is Oklahoma Getting Its Numbers From in Its Supreme Court Case?

NonDoc: “SCOTUS to hear state’s McGirt challenge in Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta

Boston Review (by Mary Kathryn Nagle and Emma Lower): “What Will It Take to End Violence Against Native Women?

Yes, Spirit is set to argue for the defense. . . .

Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta Background Materials

Supreme Court Merits Briefs:

Petitioner’s Brief

Respondent’s Brief


Merits Stage Amicus Briefs Supporting Petitioner:

Oklahoma DAs and Sheriffs Amicus Brief

Police Chiefs Amicus Brief

Industry Amicus Brief

States Amicus Brief Supporting Oklahoma

Tulsa Amicus Brief

Merits Stage Amicus Briefs Supporting Respondent:

United States Amicus Brief

Five Tribes Amicus Brief

NCAI Amicus Brief

Former US Attys Amicus Brief

Peace Commission Treaty Tribes Amicus Brief

NIWRC Amicus Brief

Scholars Amicus Brief

Cert stage materials in Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta:


Oklahoma DAs Association Amicus Brief.pdf

Oklahoma Environmental Federation Amicus.PDF

Texas Amicus Brief.pdf

Tulsa Amicus Brief.pdf

Castro-Huerta BIO.pdf

Cherokee Nation Amicus Brief.pdf

Chickasaw and Choctaw Amicus.pdf

MCN Amicus Brief.pdf

Oklahoma Cert Reply.pdf

Lower court materials:

OCCA Opinion.pdf

Castro-Huerta Brief on Reservation Disestablishment.pdf

Cherokee Amicus Brief.pdf

State Brief on Concurrent Jurisdiction.pdf

Castro-Huerta Response Brief on Concurrent Jurisdiction.pdf

Oklahoma District Court Opinion.pdf

Castro-Huerta Petition in Error

Castro-Huerta Motion to Issue Mandate

OCCA Order Issuing Mandate

Also, the plea agreement in United States v. Castro-Huerta (N.D. Okla.):

Bottom Side Briefs in Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta


United States Amicus Brief

Five Tribes Amicus Brief

NCAI Amicus Brief

Former US Attys Amicus Brief

Peace Commission Treaty Tribes Amicus Brief

NIWRC Amicus Brief

Scholars Amicus Brief

Topside briefs here.