Montana Federal Court Will Decide Whether Nonmember Lease at Blackfeet Was Cancelled, Rejecting Nonmember Ploy to Declare Bankruptcy to Avoid a Judgment

Here are the materials in Eagle Bear Inc. v. Blackfeet Indian Nation (D. Mont.):

51 Eagle Bear 2d Motion for Injunction

54 Blackfeet Opposition

57 Eagle Bear Motion to Vacate

59 Blackfeet Opposition to Motion to Vacate

65 Blackfeet Brief on Automatic Stay Issue

66 Eagle Bear Brief on Automatic Stay Issue

85 Blackfeet Notice re BIA Filing

85-3 US Motion to Dismiss

87 DCT Order

CA9 Order Granting Bankruptcy Stay

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Ninth Circuit briefs here.

Washington Federal Court Rules in Favor of Suquamish over Insurance Company in Tribal Court Jurisdiction Dispute

Here are the materials in Suquamish Tribe v. Smith (W.D. Wash.):

Puget Sound and Seattle from Suquamish

Tenth Circuit Dismisses Appeal and Awards Attorney Fees to Iowa Tribe

Here are the materials in Monster Tech. Group v. Eller:

Merits briefs here.

Lower court materials here.

Tenth Circuit Briefs in Becker v. Ute Indian Tribe [sanctions order against tribe]


Jurrius Brief

Lower court materials here.

Wisconsin Federal Court Enjoins Red Cliff Ojibwe Tribal Court Proceeding against Opioid Company

Here are the materials in McKinsey & Company v. Boyd (W.D. Wis.):

1 Complaint

1-2 Tribal Court Complaint

5 Motion for Preliminary Injunction

26 Response

Utah Federal Court Holds Ute Tribe Still Owes $209K in Attorney Fees in Dispute with Former Contractor

Here are the updated materials in Becker v. Ute Indian Tribe (D. Utah):

297 DCT Order Denying Motion for Reconsideration of Sanctions Order

302 Ute Motion to Recover Costs

303 Ute Motion for Relief from Judgment

304 Ute Motion for Stay

308 Becker Opposition to 303

309 Becker Opposition to 304

310 Jurrius Opposition to 304

314 Ute Reply in Support of 304

315 DCT Order Granting Ute Motion to Recover Costs

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Tenth Circuit Rejects Ute Tribe’s Effort to Force Water Rights Case to be Adjudicated in Tribal Court

Here is the opinion in Ute Indian Tribe v. McKee.


Lower court materials here.

North Dakota Federal Court Holds that Exposing Nonmember Conducting Business on Indian Land to a Suit Enforcing a Contract-Based Smoking Ban to which the Nonmember Agreed to Creates an Irreparable Harm

Color me skeptical about the state of the Eighth Circuit’s tribal inherent powers jurisprudence if a tribal citizen who leases their land to nonmembers, who then violate the terms of that lease, cannot bring suit in tribal court to enforce the lease. Seems to me this holding is in direct conflict with the Supreme Court’s decisions ordering tribal exhaustion.

Here are the materials in WPX Energy Williston LLC v. Fettig (D.N.D.):

1 Complaint

16 Answer + Counterclaim

20 Motion to Dismiss

22 Motion to Dismiss Counterclaim

24-12 MHA Nation Trial Court Decision

25 Response to 20

27 Motion for Preliminary Injunction

38 Reply in Support of 20 + Response to 27

43 Response to 22

44 Reply in Support of 27

47 Reply in Support of 22

51 DCT Order on Motion to Dismiss