Native Families and COVID-19


Native youth have suffered the highest rate of caregiver loss from the pandemic—4.5 times higher than that of White children. This means that 1 of every 168 Native children have lost their primary caregivers to COVID, as compared with 1 of every 310 Black children, 1 of every 412 Hispanic children, and 1 in every 753 White children.

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Mohawk Gaming Loses Pandemic Business Interruption Claim against Insurance Company

Here are the materials in Mohawk Gaming Enterprises LLC v. Affiliated FM Insurance Co. (N.D. N.Y.):

18-1 Mohawk MSJ

19-1 Affiliated Response

23 Mohawk Reply

27 Affiliated Reply

32 DCT Order

The complaint is here.

Shawnee Tribe’s Effort to Stop CARES Act Funds Distribution Fails

Here are the materials in Shawnee Tribe v. Mnuchin (D.D.C.):

21 Federal Response to Motion for TRO

23 Reply in Support of Motion for TRO

27 DCT Order Transferring Case to D.D.C.

40 Shawnee Supplemental Brief

41 Federal Response

42 Reply

43 DCT Order

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NAICJA 51st Annual National Tribal Judicial and Personnel VIRTUAL Conference

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📣Registration is now open for the NAICJA 51st Annual National Tribal Judicial and Personnel VIRTUAL Conference.

“Tribal Court Justice in 2020: Tribal Court Resiliency, Change and Shaping Law”

Attendees will experience top-notch training in three tracks: Lessons from COVID-19, Resources for Court Clerks and Legal and Judicial Skills.

📣In process of applying for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.

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