State Court Rejects New York State’s Effort to Stop Shinnecock Billboard Construction

Here is the unpublished opinion in Commissioner of the New York State Department of Transportation v. Polite (N.Y. S. Ct.):


Federal Magistrate Recommends Dismissal of Shinnecock Members’ Off-Reservation Fishing Rights Suit [again]

Here are the updated materials in Silva v. Farrish (E.D. N.Y.):

83-6 Suffolk County Motion for Summary Judgment

83-10 Opposition

83-12 Reply

84-8 New York Motion for Summary Judgment

84-13 Opposition

84-14 Reply

89 Magistrate Report

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Federal Magistrate Recommends Dismissal of Shinnecock Members’ Off-Reservation Fishing Rights Suit

Here are the materials in Silva v. Farrish (E.D. N.Y.):

54-3 county defendants motion to dismiss

54-4 reply

54-5 plaintiffs opposition

56-3 state defendants motion to dismiss

56-6 plaintiffs opposition

56-8 reply

63 magistrate report

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64 objections

65 Suffolk County


66 Silva Reply

Shinnecock Cigarette Trader’s Demand for Return of Confiscated Smokes Rejected

Here are the materials in Smith v. Fredrico (E.D. N.Y.):

DCT Order Adopting R&R

Smith Motion for PI

Suffolk County Opposition

Smith Reply

MJ R&R Recommending Denial of Motion

Smith Objection to R&R

Suffolk County Response to Objection

Shinnecock Tribal Member Receives First AIGC Fellowship

From ICT:

The American Indian Graduate Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving cultural and economic well-being for individuals and tribes through undergraduate and graduate education, recently announced that it has awarded its first fellowship scholarship to a Shinnecock Indian Nation member.

Members of the Shinnecock Nation, which became the 565th Native American tribe recognized by the United States government earlier this year, were formerly ineligible for the fellowship program because the tribe lacked federal recognition.

Kelly Dennis, a law student at the University of New Mexico School of Law in Albuquerque, N.M., received the $3,000 fellowship award. A member of the Shinnecock Nation, graduate of the Pre-Law Summer Institute at the American Indian Law Center, and participant in the American Indian Law Certificate Program, Dennis hopes to represent her tribe and other underrepresented American Indian tribes upon her graduation.

“Kelly would like to use her expertise to assist tribes striving to find creative paths that will strengthen and rebuild their nations,” said Sam Deloria, AIGC director. “AIGC recognizes the potential of these dreams and considers it a privilege to lessen the financial burden of paying for a law degree in order to achieve such aspirations. And we like to hope that her award marks the first federal assistance to the Shinnecock Nation.”

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Shinnecock Wins IBIA Appeal — Become 565th Federally Recognized Tribe — UPDATED with IBIA Decision

Here is the IBIA decision: 38553324-Shinnecock-Decision

Here is the news article:

The Shinnecock Indian Nation received word Friday afternoon from its tribal attorneys that it is now officially the 565th Native American tribe to earn recognition from the U.S. government, according to Shinnecock Tribal Trustee Lance Gumbs.

Though neither the Interior Board of Indian Appeals or the Bureau of Indian Affairs has yet to formally announce the news, the Shinnecock Nation has cleared all the hurdles to federal recognition, the trustee said.

“The first day of October will live forever in the hearts and minds of the Shinnecock people,” Mr. Gumbs said in an phone interview Friday. “Everyone is just relieved and shedding tears for not only us who are here, but those who just missed it,” he said. He explained that some Shinnecock elders have died since July 19, when the tribe’s recognition application was originally expected to be finalized.

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