Federal Court Rejects Amended Complaint in Pauma Band Union Dispute; Issues Judgment Favoring Union

Here are the new materials in Pauma Band of Luiseño Mission Indians of the Pauma & Yuima Reservation v. Unite Here International Union (S.D. Cal.):

44-1 Motion to File Third Amended Complaint

44-2 Proposed Third Amended Complaint

45 Union Opposition

46 State Opposition

47 Reply

48 DCT Order

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Casino Pauma v. NLRB Cert Petition


Cert Petition

Questions presented:

1. Should this Court reconsider Chevron?

2. Does the National Labor Relations Act apply to Indian tribes? 

3. Does the employee-to-employee solicitation rule in Republic Aviation empower employees to solicit customers in business “guest areas” like restrooms and restaurants?

Lower court materials here.