Federal Suit(s) Filed against Seminole Gaming Compact [updated]

Here are relevant materials in West Flagler Associates Ltd. v. Haaland (D.D.C.):

1 Complaint

1-1 Seminole Compact

1-6 Interior Letter

Update (10/14/21)

13 Seminole Motion

19 WF Motion for Summary J

22 WF Opposition to 13

24 Seminole Reply in Support of 13

25 Federal Motion to Dismiss

Here are materials in West Flagler Associates Ltd. v. DeSantis (N.D. Fla.):

1 Complaint

18 First Amended Complaint

21 Seminole Motion to Intervene and Dismiss

22 Desantis Motion to Dismiss

26 WF Response to 20

27 WF Response to 22

33 Desantis Reply in Support of 20

34 WF Motion for Summary J

SCOTUS Denies Cert in Club One Casino v. Haaland

Here is today’s order list.

Here are the cert stage briefs in Club One.

Club One Casino v. Bernhardt Cert Petition [North Fork Rancheria]

Here is the petition in Club One Casino Inc. v. Bernhardt:

Club One Petition for Writ of Certiorari


Lower court materials here and here.


Brief in Opposition


Connecticut, Pequot, and Mohegan Allowed to Intervene and Assert Rule 19 Defense in MGM Challenge to Gaming Compacts

Here are the materials so far in MGM Resorts Global Development LLC v. Dept. of Interior (D.D.C.):

16 Interior Motion to Dismiss

24-1 State & Tribal Sovereigns Motion to Intervene

27 MGM Response to Motion to Dismiss

33 Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss

34 MGM Opposition to Motion to Intervene

36 Reply in Support of Motion to Intervene

38 DCT Order Granting Motion to Intervene

We posted the complaint here.

Federal Court Holds Oklahoma Gaming Compacts Automatically Extend to 2035

Here are the materials in Cherokee Nation v. Stitt (W.D. Okla.):

125-1 Tribes Motion for Summary Judgment

126 State Motion for Summary Judgment

128 Wichita Tribes Motion for Summary Judgment

140 Tribes Response

141 State Response

142 State Response to Wichita Tribes

145 Wichita Tribes Response

149 DCT Order

Case tag here.

Second Circuit Briefs in Seneca Nation of Indians v. State of New York [gaming dispute arbitration award]


Seneca Brief

New York Brief


Lower court materials here.

Ninth Circuit Rejects Two Challenges to North Fork Rancheria Gaming

Here is the opinion in Club One Casino, Inc. v. Bernhardt.

Briefs here.

And here is the opinion in Stand Up for California! v. Dept. of the Interior.

Briefs here.