Prevailing Tribes Seek More than One Million in Attorney Fees against California


Motion for Attorney Fees



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Amicus Briefs in the Ninth Circuit En Banc Stage of Apache Stronghold v. United States

Here is the fantastic amicus brief on behalf of tribes and tribal orgs written by April Youpee-Roll at Munger and Jason Searle and Beth Wright at NARF:

Here are the other briefs:

Mennonite Amicus Brief

Mormon Church Amicus Brief

Protect the First Amicus Brief

Religious Liberty Scholars Amicus Briefs

Sikh Amicus Brief

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Ninth Circuit Panel Affirms City of Seattle’s Removal of Sauk-Suiattle Dam Suit to Federal Court, Asks for En Banc Review of Circuit Precedent on Removal . . . Good for procedure nerds, I’m sure.

Here is the opinion in Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe v. City of Seattle.

Briefs here.

Impressionist painting of the removal of a state court complaint to federal court — DALL-E

Merits Stage Briefs in Arizona v. Navajo Nation/Dept. of the Interior v. Navajo Nation


All this water is Navajo.