Federal Court Orders State Bar Arbitration in Fee Dispute Arising out of Successful Trust Breach Claim

Here are the court orders in Givens v. Oenga (D. Alaska):

1 Complaint

30 DCt Order

42 DCt Order

54 DCT Order

55 DCt Order re Motion for Stay

Materials on the underlying trust breach claim are here and show just how long we’ve been doing Turtle Talk.

Federal Court Refuses to Disturb Default Judgment in Newtok Village Leadership Dispute

Here are the materials in Newtok Village v. Patrick (D. Alaska):

65 Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment

69 Response

70 Reply

71 DCT Order

Prior post here.

Update (3/28/21):

73 Motion for Attorney Fees

74 Opposition

75 Reply

76 DCT Order Granting Motion for Atty Fees