Materials in Alaska’s Effort to Deny Subsistence Hunt to Village of Kake

Here are the materials so far in State of Alaska v. Federal Subsistence Board (D. Alaska):

1 Complaint

3-1 Motion for Injunction — GMU 13 Closure

4-1 Motion for Injunction

15 Federal Response to 4

18 Federal Response to 3

20-1 Kake Motion to Intervene

22 Reply in Support of 4

24 Reply in Support of 3

27 DCt Order Granting Motion to Intervene

28 DCt Order Denying Motion for Injunction 3

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Federal Court Dismisses Challenge to BLM Approval of Winter Exploration in Arctic Petroleum Reserve

Here are the materials in Native Village of Nuiqsut v. BLM (D. Alaska):

5 Amended Complaint

27 Plaintiffs Motion for Summary J

30 Federal Response

31 ConocoPhillips Response

33 Reply

46 DCT Order

Federal Court Dismisses Banishee’s Suit against Alaska Tribe

Here are the materials in Oertwich v. Traditional Village of Togiak (D. Alaska):

1 Complaint

9 State Motion to Dismiss

13 City Motion to Dismiss

22 Tribe Motion to Dismiss

31 Opposition to 22

38 Tribe Reply in Support of 22

40 DCt Order Granting 22

Federal Court Dismisses Employee Matter at Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital

Here are the materials in Matyascik v. Arctic Slope Native Ass’n (D. Alaska):

1 Notice of Removal

1-1 State Court Complaint

9 Motion to Dismiss

17 Response

20 Reply

22 DCT Order

Ninth Circuit Materials in Southcentral Foundation v. Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium





Available district court materials (many filings are sealed, including the district court order):






Federal Court Dismisses Employment Action against Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

Here are the materials in Wilson v. Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (D. Alaska):

32 Motion to Disqualify Counsel

49 Second Amended Complaint

51 Motion to Dismiss

56 US Statement re 32

57 Plaintiffs’ Response to 32 and 51

67-1 Reply in Support of 32

69 Plaintiffs’ Surreply re 32

73 Plaintiffs’ Response to 51 + Motion for Discovery

78 Opposition to Motion for Discovery

79 Reply in Support of 51

81 Reply in Support of Motion for Disco

87 DCT Order