D.C. Circuit Issues CARES Act Opinion in Shawnee v. Yellen, or is it Miccosukee v. Yellen or Prairie Band Potawatomi v. Yellen?

Here is the opinion in Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation v. Yellen. Long story short, Shawnee settled (I think) so they’re out, Miccosukee is out because their challenge is moot, and Prairie Band gets a remand ‘cuz the gummint’s got some ‘splaining to do. No zhoonya for tribal interests here, though the billables keep coming.


Lower court materials here (I think).

Not sure if this guy is entitled to zhoonya, but if he is, he deserves more than $70.

Update in Cherokee Trust Accounting Suit against Interior

Here are new materials in Cherokee Nation v. Dept. of the Interior (D.D.C.):

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Eighth Circuit Briefs in Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation v. Dept. of the Interior [opposition to Trump-era approval of non-Indian mining on shores of Lake Sakakawea]


Lower court materials here.

Screen shot from “Before and After the Flood: Property and Sovereignty at Fort Berthold.

I Don’t Know Why Indian Country Doesn’t Demand that Congress Pass the RESPECT Act because This Bullshit’s Gonna Keep Happening Until Then [Badger Two-Medicine]

Please see the strongly worded, if misguided, commentary from Judge Leon in Solonex v. Haaland, who sees 40 years of delay on a drilling permit and calls it “Kafkaesque.” It’s hard to disagree with that sentiment — though I wish the court were more understanding that tribal and Indian efforts to stop the drilling proposal began when there were virtually no legal protections for tribes and Native citizens to utilize. It’s time to acknowledge that this drilling should never have been approved over tribal and Indian objections and the RESPECT Act takes us a long way down the road to preventing this B.S. from happening over and over again.

Here is the order in Solonex LLC v. Haaland (D.D.C.):

Prior post on the D.C. Circuit decision from which this case is on remand here.


Opening D.C. Circuit Briefs in Seminole Compact Case

Here are the opening briefs in West Flagler Associates Ltd. v. Haaland:

Lower court materials here.