Another Update in Fort Sill Apache Dispute with NIGC

Here are the new, new materials in Fort Sill Apache Tribe v. National Indian Gaming Commission (D.D.C.):

115-1 Fort Sill MSJ

118 NIGC Response

122 Fort Sill Reply

[NIGC Reply TK]

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D.C. Circuit Briefs in Law Firm’s Effort to Intervene in Yankton Sioux Tribe’s Trust Breach Claim against Interior

Here are the materials in Yankton Sioux Tribe v. Bernhardt:




Lower court materials here.

Fort McDermitt Prevails over IHS on Clinic in Oregon

Here are the materials in Fort McDermitt Paiute & Shoshone Tribe v. Azar (formerly Price) (D. Or.):

31 Tribe Second MSJ

33-1 US Second MSJ

35 Tribe Reply

37 US Reply

40 DCT Order

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Tribal Motions for Summary Judgment in Standing Rock v. Army Corps [Dakota Access Pipeline]

Here are the new materials in Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. United States Army Corps of Engineers (D.D.C.):

418 DCT Order on Administrative Record

433-2 Standing Rock Motion for Summary Judgment

434-2 Oglala Motion for Summary Judgment

435-1 Yankton Motion for Summary Judgment

436-1 Cheyenne River Motion for Summary Judgment

439 NCAI Amicus Brief

Materials in Cook Inlet Tribal Council Suit against Indian Health Service

Here are the materials in Cook Inlet Tribal Council v. Mandregan (D.D.C.):

1 Complaint

13-1 Tribe MSJ

15 IHS Cross MSJ

18 Tribe Reply

21 IHS Reply

39 DCT Order

40 Tribe Bill of Costs

41 Tribe Motion for Atty Fees

42 IHS Response to 40

43 IHS Motion for Reconsideration

44 Tribe Reply in Support of 41

51 Tribe Cross Motion for Reconsideration

58 IHS Response to 41

60 IHS Reply in Support of 43

61 Tribe Reply in Support of 41

65 DCT Order

Federal Court Refuses to Allow Law Firm to Intervene in Trust Breach Suit to Collect Fees against Tribe

Here are the materials in Yankton Sioux Tribe v. Bernhardt (D.D.C.):

69 Herman Law Motion to Intervene

72 Yankton Response

74 Reply

88 Yankton Supplemental Brief

90 Herman Law Supplemental Brief

110 DCT Order

Summary Judgment Motions in Stand Up v. Interior [Wilton Rancheria]

Here are the materials in Stand Up for California! v. Dept. of Interior (D.D.C.):

57 Motion to Supplement Record

59 Tribe Opposition

60 DOI Opposition

61 Reply

62 DCT Order Denying Motion to Supplement Record

70 Second Motion to Compel

71 Tribe Opposition

72 DOI Opposition

75 Reply

76-1 Tribe Surreply

77-1 DOI Surreply

80 DCT Order Denying Second Motion

91 Stand Up Motion for Summary Judgmen

96 Tribe Cross-Motion

98-1 DOI Cross-Motion

100 Stand Up Reply

103 Tribe Reply

104 DOi Reply

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