Federal Lawyer Annual Indian Law Edition 2019


Tribes and Cannabis: Reaching New Highs in the Burgeoning Cannabis Marketplace
U.S. Sales of Legal cannabis reached $9.2 billion in 2017 – a 33 percent increase over 2016 – and are on track to reach $24.5 billion by 2021. 


Pipleline to Tribal Soveignty: Celebrating the Pre-Law Summer Institute’s 50th Class
If you ask Native American attorneys how they prepared for law school, chances are they’ll tell you they attended the American Indian Law Center Inc.’s Pre-Law Summer Institute (PLSI).
The Violence Against Women Act of 2018: A Step in the Right Direction for Indian Children and Federal Indian Law
It is well-settled law that if a person who violates the laws of the United States is a resident of another country, that person falls within the criminal jurisdiction of the United States. Similarly, if a person crosses state lines and commits child abuse in another state, he or she falls under the jurisdiction of the state where the crime was committed.
Rethinking Administrative Advocacy: A Step-by-Step Approach from Former Government Insiders
In today’s political climate, with frequent changes in leadership positions and new policy agendas, there has never been a better time to develop or brush up your administration advocacy skills to better achieve success for your client.

UPDATE — Suquamish is the first tribe with a compact with a state… here.