Arizona Attorney Special Indian Law Issue


Special Feature: Indian LawThe Impact of “McGirt v. Oklahoma”by: Robert J. Miller

Indigenous Erasure in Public Schools: Critical Race Theory, Discrimination, Remediesby: Mia Montoya Hammersley, Adriana M. Orman and Wouter Zwart

ICWA: The Gold Standard, Golden Nuggets of Evidence from Arizonaby: Tara Hubbard and Fred Urbina

Reforming Evidence Rule 902 To Reflect Tribal Sovereigntyby: Henry Oostrom-Shah

Tribal Labor and Employment Law: The Navajo Preference in Employment Actby: Paul Spruhan

Oral History on Trialby: Robert Alan Hershey

The Cabazon Decision, 35 Years Onby: Glenn M. Feldman

Indian Law From Behind the Bench: A Law Clerk’s Perspectiveby: Alexander Mallory

Michigan Bar Journal Article on the Michigan Indian Family Preservation Act

Norika L. Kida Betti and Cameron Ann Fraser have published “Michigan Indian Family Preservation Act at Seven Years” in the November 2019 issue of the Michigan Bar Journal.