Arizona Attorney Indian Law Edition


  1. Indian Law Special Focus
  2. ICWA and Assisted Reproductive Technology BY DAUNE CARDENAS
  3. Environmental Justice in Indian Country BY BETHANY SULLIVAN
  4. Energy Development on Tribal Land BY PILAR M. THOMAS
  5. Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction BY OJ FLORES
  6. Leaving the Office Ethically BY VIRJINYA TORREZ
  7. 2020 Census Challenge BY JAMES THOMAS TUCKER
  8. The Year of the Native Voter BY SARAH CRAWFORD
  9. Tribute to Rodney B. Lewis BY JAMES THOMAS TUCKER

Arizona Attorney (Ariz. State Bar Journal) Lists Arizona v. California as Most Important Case of State’s History

Two Indian tax cases and Williams v. Lee are also included in the top 50.

Here is the article. The list starts on page 18. And the selected pages from the magazine:

Az Atty Top 50 Article

Article on Adding Indian Law to the Arizona State Bar Exam

Here is an excellent paper by Ray Campbell and Brian Lewis, ASU law students, arguing in favor of adding Indian law to the Arizona bar exam. It’s published by Arizona Attorney, the state bar journal, and is titled “Indian Law: A Needed Addition to the Arizona Bar Exam.”


Our earlier post on this question is here.