Child Welfare and the Courts, COVID-19 Edition


I’m starting to get a lot of calls and emails about how child welfare cases are being handled during shut downs. As you might imagine, it’s going about as well as you might imagine (not well). I don’t have any answers, but I do have a lot of notices and orders from the states. It appears that the variance in practice between counties is going to be even larger than usual (the communication from California is confusing, but that’s the upshot). I’ve created a page where I posted documents I’ve received from the states about this issue. I’m also still in communication with people on how to handle the legal aftermath.

I will also try to remember to do a post whenever I add to the page.

Also, NAICJA is having a tribal court webinar TODAY about tribal court work

ETA: We’ve also been asked to host general tribal governance and tribal court documents, which will be on a different linked page.