Children’s Bureau Guidance on IV-E Findings/Child Welfare During the Pandemic

Reposting (I’ve received this from a lot of people since I put it up a week ago). This is the Children’s Bureau’s guidance on how to handle child welfare hearings–specifically the IV-E requirements–during the pandemic. It also includes other guidance related to Court Improvement Programs and issues around children and their attorneys.

Finally, re. Friday’s post about Michigan’s new visitation policy suspending visitation, this guidance says:

CB is also aware of instances where judges have issued blanket orders suspending or drastically reducing family time (visitation) between children in foster care and parents, sometimes indefinitely. Family time is important for child and parent well-being, as well as for efforts toward reunification. Family time is especially important during times of crisis. CB strongly discourages the issuance of blanket orders that are not specific to each child and family that suspend family time; doing so is contrary to the well-being and best interest of children, may contribute to additional child trauma, and may impede the likelihood of reunification.

Covid-19.Child.Legal and Judicial Letter_Signed (002)

I’ve also added it to the Child Welfare COVID-19 page.