Peacemaking Colloquium 2020

Peacemaking Colloquium 2020

Zoom Convening

 August 5th -6th, 2020

(Mountain Daylight Time)


august 2020


Wednesday, August 5 – Meet and Greet


4:00-4:05 PM                 Welcome and Opening

Hon. Timothy P. Connors, Washtenaw County Circuit Court, MI


4:05-5:30 PM                 Warrior Lawyers Viewing and Circle Discussion

Michaela Demmert (Tlingit/Nez Perce/Blackfoot),                                                                            Peacemaker, Tlingit/Haida Tribal Courts, University of                                                                      Washington, Co-Facilitator

Carson Smith (Choctaw Nation), Peacemaker, Oxford                                                                     University, Co-Facilitator

Lewis & Clark School of Law


5:30 PM                         Closing

Margaret Connors, Esq.


Thursday, August 6th           


9:00- 9:05 AM               Welcome & Opening Prayer

Mike Jackson, Chief Judge, OVK Tribal Court                                                                                 Kake, Alaska

Hon. Lisa Lang, Esq., (Tsimpshian/Haida), Peacemaker,                                                                    Tlingit/Haida Appellate Court


9:05-9:30                        The Shift: Out of the Box – Into the Circle

Purpose and Peacemaking 101

Cheryl Demmert Fairbanks, Esq., (Tlingit/Tsimpshian),                                                                      Peacemaker – Native American Budget & Policy Institute                                                                (“NABPI”); Justice, Inter-Tribal Court of Appeals of Nevada

Brett Lee Shelton, Esq., (Oglala Sioux Tribe), Peacemaker – Native                                                American Rights Fund (“NARF”)

Christy Chapman, Esq., (Pueblo of Zuni), Peacemaker – NABPI                                                      and Pegasus Legal Services for Children




9:30-10:15                      Keynote Address:  “Sacred Justice: A Very Different World                                                     View”

Hon. Michael Petoskey (Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and                                                         Chippewa), Chief Judge Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians


10:15 – 10:30                  Walk and Self Care – Lead by Brett Lee Shelton (Oglala                                                               Sioux Tribe)


10:30-12:00                    Tribal/State Peacemaking: Showcasing Models

“Imma A Nopoli – A Talking To” – Hon. Kevin Briscoe                                                                    (Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians), Chief Justice and                                                               Peacemaker – Moderator

Mike Jackson, Chief Judge, OVK Tribal Court, Kake, Alaska

Verna Teller (Pueblo of Isleta), Chief Judge Isleta Tribal Court

Hon. Timothy Connors (Celtic), Washtenaw County Circuit Court, MI


12:00-1:00                     Working Lunch – “Healing Through Our Way of Life”                                                               (Viewing of NARF Video)

Circle of Student Scholars (University Representatives)

Michaela Demmert (Tlingit/Nez Perce/Blackfoot)                                                                                Tlingit/Haida Tribal Courts, University of Washington, Co-                                                               Facilitator

Carson Smith (Choctaw Nation), Oxford University, Co-                                                                    Facilitator


1:00 – 2:00                      Trauma Informed Peace Circles

Dr. Gayle Dine’Chacon (Diné), Executive Director, NABPI –                                                          Presenter/Moderator

“Gentle Action: Theory and Traditional Ways” – Dr. Carma                                                            Corcoran (Chippewa/Cree), Lewis & Clark School of Law

Ingeborg Vicenti, MHC,GC (Jicarilla Apache), Dulce Public                                                          Schools, NABPI Governance Council

Christy Chapman, Esq. (Pueblo of Zuni), Peacemaker – NABPI                                                       and Pegasus Legal Services for Children










2:00 – 2:45                      University Partnerships – Tribal, National & International

Karen Biestman, J.D. (Cherokee Descendant) Stanford                                                                    University – Moderator

Chief Justice Emeritus Robert Yazzie, (Diné), Navajo Technical College                                        NABPI Governance Council

Manulani Aluli Meyer (Native Hawaiian), University of Hawaii

Haku Ho’oponopono Practioners

Carma Corcoran, PhD. (Chippewa/Cree), Lewis & Clark                                                                    School of Law

Carson Smith (Oklahoma Choctaw), Oxford University, Co-                                                           Facilitator

Niyo Moraza-Keeswood (Diné/Chichimeca), Stanford University


2:45-3:00                        Walk-Extreme Self Care – Lead by Dr. Gayle Dine’Chacon and                                                    Christy Chapman, Esq.


3:00 – 4:00                      Peacemakers: Words of Wisdom from Our National and                                                           International Cousins and Relatives

Lisa Lang, Esq. (Tsimpshian/Haida), Moderator

Sonya Shah (Gujarat, India), The Ahimsa Collective Director &                                                         Restorative Justice Director

Aunty Lynette Paglinawan and Manulani Aluli Meyer (Native                                                         Hawaiian), Haku Ho’oponopono Practioners

David Raasch (Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians),                                                      Chief Judge (Ret.)


4:00-4:30                        Capstone “The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be: Re-imagining the                                         future.” 

Hon. William Thorne (Pomo/Coast Miwok), Judge Utah Court                                                        of Appeals (Ret.)

Hon. Monica Zamora, New Mexico Court of Appeals (Ret.)


4:30                                Closing/Prayer

Hon. Kevin Briscoe (Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians),                                                            Chief Justice and Peacemaker

Christy Chapman, Esq. (Pueblo of Zuni), Peacemaker,                                                                     NABPI/GAL-Pegasus Legal Services for Children