United States v. Cooley Background Materials

Here are the merits briefs:

Petitioner’s Brief

Respondent Brief

Petitioner’s Reply

Here are the amicus briefs supporting petitioner:

19-1414 Amici SiouxTribes

19-1414 Amicus Brief of NationalIndigenousWomensResourceCenter

19-1414 Indian Law Scholars Cooley Brief

19-1414 tsac Former U.S. Attorneys

19-1414 tsac Members of Congress

19-1414 tsac The Cayuga Nation

19-1414 Ute Amici Brief

Final NCAI-Tribal Governments Amici Brief-US v Cooley 1-15-21

Here are the amicus briefs supporting respondent:

19-1414 Amici Curiae Brief Ninth Circuit Federal Defenders

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Amicus Brief

Here are the cert stage materials:

Cert Petition

NCAI Amicus Brief

NIWRC Amicus Brief

Respondent Brief in Opposition to Petition for a Writ of Certiorari

Cooley Cert Reply

Here are the Ninth Circuit materials:

Ninth Circuit opinion

US Brief

Cooley Brief


Here are the district court (D. Mont.) materials:

2 Redacted Indictment

34 Motion to Suppress

34-1 Exhibit

41 Response

41-1 Exhibit

41-2 Exhibit

46 Reply

48 DCT Order Granting Motion to Suppress