2021 Federal Lawyer Article Spotlight: Out of State Legal Representation in ICWA Cases

So happy to see April Olson’s article on the issue of legal representation for tribes in out of state cases. This is easily the top question I get–both from lawyers nervous about intervening out of state and also from lawyers trying to find pro hac partners. Get your state to pass a pro hac vice exception. It makes a huge difference–in 2020 alone the Indian Law Clinic saved over $500 in appellate pro hac fees due to these rules, but it makes an even bigger difference at the trial level so tribes can avoid appeals in the first place.

Read April’s article, then figure out how to get your state on board if they aren’t already. Today I’m specifically looking at Oklahoma ($350 in pro hac fees plus a complicated process via the state bar, so another $100 in expedited good standing certificate requests and overnight mailing).

All the ICWA pro hac rules are collected here.