Indian Law Issues in the News (10/4/21)

NYTimes: Teaching About the Native American Fight for Representation, Repatriation and Recognition (with six short lesson plans)

USA Today: What are tribal land acknowledgments? Native American leaders say words and actions are needed Coquille Indian Tribe partners with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for Chinook Salmon catching

Wisconsin Public Radio: Research looks to mitigate threats to black ash trees in Northern Wisconsin, Black ash trees are important cultural resources on tribal land that grad student Angela Waupochick is hoping to protect

The Independent: Louisiana’s Indigenous communities recovering from Hurricane Ida are watching the coast disappear Native American groups look forward to cheering on Cleveland Guardians

Milwaukee Independent: Exploited by Conservatorships – The Sad History of How “Friendly White Lawyers” Swindled Native Americans

NYTs: “In Arizona, Drought Ignites Tensions and Threatens Traditions Among the Hopi